Creative manicure Beyonce: draw bold ideas


Our today’s birthday girl, 37-year-old Beyonce, Vogue has long been dubbed a trendsetter nail-fashion. Queen B. what we owe to the trend of sharp claws elongated almond shape and “stiletto”. SPLETNIK.RU decided to collect ideas for the most trivial of manicure that you can borrow from Beyonce.

When it comes to fashion and care for beyoncé, there is no such thing as “too expensive”. Several years ago, promophoto her world tour the Mrs Carter Show Mrs Carter showed a Golden manicure worth $ 900 — about $ 90 for the nail (this is not surprising, according to Foreb, the state of Beyonce and Jay-Z in that year exceeded one billion dollars).

Star literally obsessed with the beauty of their nails. In an interview with The Cut one of her nail artists were told that the singer sometimes calls her in the middle of the night:

I remember once I was having dinner with my husband later in the evening as the phone rang, it was the personal assistant of Beyonce. She was in the Studio at this time, and she had a two-hour break, I was asked to come and give her a manicure and pedicure. My husband then said, “What kind of manicure in the morning?”.

Star, truth, itself nails can do. Once she published in Instagram a picture that confirms this. However, in the photo she’s doing a manicure in your style on the Louis Vuitton bag and without removing rings and bracelets with impressive diamonds.

The singer with the help of a creative manicure once even confessed his love to her husband rapper Jay-Z. The singer graced the fingernail on the ring finger of a portrait of the wife, to admire them more often. On the other hand Beyonce has posted his image surrounded by gold beads.

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Special passion star feeds for gold varnishes and manicure with prints. A few years ago she, along with the manufacturer of nail Polish NCLA has released a collection of stickers for a quick manicure. It includes four color variations with patterns inspired by the British cage (I Woke Up Like This), disco-rainbow (Je Ne Sais Quoi), mosaic textures (No Rest In The Kingdom) and street graffiti (Side Of Trouble).

Beyoncé’s their nails, artificial it is not. And is not afraid to cut the nails short if one breaks. We do a dry manicure: no water, just a good softening agent cuticle. So the nails look manicured longer. To care for cuticles and nail plate it uses avocado oil. But no Spa for hands, massage and special masks. I noticed that the girls are divided into those who choose the Spa, and those who choose a quick, quality manicure. My clients, and Beyonce in particular from the latter,— was told by her manicurist, Sarah bland, the Ambassador of the brand Smith & Cult.

Fans of marvel and the ingenuity of the pop singer. So, beyoncé has become one of the headliners for Coachella music festival, held in April. During his speech, the star managed not only to change a few outfits, but to repaint the nails! During the execution of the first songs she appeared in a latex costume with a glossy black lacquer, and after a couple of minutes a celebrity sang and danced in a Golden bodysuit, and her nails were painted silver lacquer. Like beyoncé could so quickly change the cover, still remains a mystery.

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