Dahlia Noir L’eau Givenchy or not a single niche

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Basic information

Name: Dahlia Noir L’eau

Brand: Givenchy

Gender: for women

Release year: 2013

Concentration: toilet water

Price: 2600 rubles for 50 ml

The composition of the notes

Top notes: neroli, grapefruit, lemon, and herbs;
Middle notes: rose, peony;
Base notes: patchouli, white cedar, musk, resin
Group: shipovye floral

Manufacturer’s description

In the spring of 2013 was released a new refreshing fragrance for women Dahlia Noir L’eau. He was the embodiment of a strange and mysterious woman the aroma of the black Dahlia, which symbolizes danger and tenderness sensuality and purity.
Dahlia Noir L’eau is a Flanker of the previously released fragrance Dahlia Noir. It’s bright, fresh and lively fragrance, yet elegant and sensual.

About the design

I like the look of the box and the bottle. Conciseness and clarity of design make the toilet water subject to visual aesthetic pleasure. The design reflects the fresh nature of the scent.

Aroma. Impressions. Association.

This fragrance is fresh, woody with citrus notes. Cold.

The first notes of it is somewhat poignant, odekolona and bitter. Then softened, becoming floral-green. Resinous base not allow him to sound cheap.

For me it’s summer rain in the forest. The same cool and fast for the persistence of toilet water about three hours. Will have to carry out to periodically update.

Flavor of the day. Perfect for the office everyday. Employees or do not notice it at all or some who comes close, speak only good.

Toilet water is not so bright, not forms a strong plume. In this connection, you need it more for your own mood and feeling of freshness.

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There is a different mood and don’t always want to wear a niche scent is a complex work of art or fragrance — a powerful plume. Then, in the hot season, rescue refreshing, woody toilet water Dahlia Noir L’eau Givenchy.

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