Dairy ice cream J. Cat Beauty You Glow Girl Baked Highlighter 104 Crystal Sand


I want to tell you about the U.S. budget highlighter (though we do not budget). This year, many brands have appeared for the first time and go past the new stands is not possible.

We are not all shades of this powder, I think only four. It is noteworthy that each highlighter has its own individual pattern. If one of them (pink waves) was quite large sequins, really beautiful, the hero of the post reminded me of the cone of ice cream. Tint is not ukrany, but nevertheless, it is clear and milky, slightly pink and slightly Golden. The shade is similar to MAC Lightscapade, only the glow a lot stronger)

Bold applied


Packaging plastic, peculiar to the mass-market, over time can become loose and better not to drop. There is no mirror, the aroma is missing. Weight 8,5 g. I no longer expect that at least one highlighter over. I love them all and all use as they vary: shade, texture, finish, and application method.

Texture cooked, but very tender. I don’t see the individual sparkles. A solid, straight nano-nano. In effect quite a Becca Moonstone! Nothing crumbles in the face. Quite a light touch with a brush, to dial the desired number. Paint polishing movements. At the macro, of course, visible pores and irregularities, but in reality this is not even close)

Simple and clear composition:

On the face (excuse the bruise on her cheek was not photoshop, because it will be seen trying to show highlighter and twist a head ???? ):

Price: I got for 870 rubles, total price is about 1500 rubles In Russia, not budget!

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Rating: 4. Impressive for the full price I would like a more robust package. Either lower the price) And very good highlighter-ice-cream.

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