Darphin Skin Boosting Elixirs / Set aromatic elixir: 8-Flower Nectar, Jasmine, Tangerine, Chamomile

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Last winter this night cream is Darphin Predermine I bought a set of oils (aromatic elixir), which will be enough not only at the end of the cold season, but there seems to be enough for most of it.

These elixirs I have not had much experience using oils for the face. Before using the oil I have successfully done an “upgrade” proved to be too light for my skin in the cold season emulsion La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Emulsion. Oil La Prairie in the same range as the emulsion, well-maintained skin is in good condition, not allowing it to dry, or becomes, in frost-sensitive. Other special effects during the use of the two miniatures (in total enough for three months) I have not noticed.

Oil of Darphin brand, I have long been attracted by its amazing flavors and a cozy pot-bellied bottles of frosted glass. However, choosing the correct oil it was hard. Set of four oils in miniature was the perfect option for travelers.

The design of the set is special. Box of cardboard and transparent plastic cover sheet-slider with information about the product look attractive.

In the design of the box features the drawings of French artist Nicolas Usner, who had a hand in modernization of the beauty Institute Darphin in Paris. Guests of the Institute meet kalligrafische the work of an artist who ink gave your original take on Paris’s main attractions.

The drawings of Nicolas Usner decorate all Darphin gift sets last year. On the box set Darphin Skin Boosting Elixirs depicted place vendôme.

This year sets Darphin decorated with flowers. The set of elixirs identical to last year.

In the set are four kinds of the aromatic care with chamomile, tangerine, with Jasmine and “the nectar of flowers 8”, 4 ml each. This small quantity is enough for a very long time. First, on the face of the oil should be not more than two or three drops. Second, I rarely put oil all over the face, usually only on areas requiring extra care… And third, use them every day until a solution to its problems, and then turn on the mode “a few times a week.”

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All oils are not pure oil, but it is the elixir, the aromatic composition of different oils and related ingredients.

(Blots not mine, and Nicolas Usner 🙂 But, if the picture to enlarge, you can read.)

1. Darphin 8-Flower Nectar / Aromatic care “Nectar 8 colors”

A real youth elixir for Your skin! Gives the skin a feeling of harmony, improves texture, removes toxins, nourishes, increases vitality, provides Shine typical of young skin. Reduces the visibility of wrinkles, visibly enhances the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Active components: extracts of date, avocado and cranberry, essential oils, 8 colors: rose, immortelle, iris, Jasmine, patchouli, lavender, neroli and ylang-ylang.

The manufacturer advises to start using any aromatic care with inhaling his scent. This nectar he is special. This classic scent of French perfume. The image of a collective, but represents the best that is embedded in this concept. The aroma is bright, catchy, lasting. After using the oil, I hear it a few hours. And, considering that it’s evening, and fall asleep in a perfume cloud. Even the cream that is applied over oil, not able to mute the power of this rich aroma.

The neck of the thumbnails are not provided with the dispenser, but it has the optimum diameter to give the desired amount of product. You can mix a few drops with the cream on the back of the hand, and you can distribute between your hands and apply to the skin to the cream.

The second method I like more, because all the oil set perfectly distributed over the skin.

Let me remind you that my skin when proper care is normal in the cold season, prone to dryness and sensitivity.

Oil well increases the nutritional value of the creams, which I may lack in sub-zero temperatures. The skin becomes thicker and more resistant to frost, do not expose to the wind, the dryness disappears. Creams much easier distributed in the oil, it is easier to do a facial massage.

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My skin is not oily but T-zone with some funds can Shine. This oil sheen is not increased. However, I have been using oils every day. 2-3 times a week is enough to maintain the above effect.

2. Darphin Jasmine Aromatic Care / Aromatic treatment with essential oil of Jasmine

Melting buttery texture promotes cell renewal and improving the appearance of the skin, evens texture, brightens, improves skin tone and restores elasticity. Active ingredients: Jasmine wax, essential oils of rosewood and grapefruit oil, raspberry seeds, and musk rose, avocado.

This oil effect seemed identical to the previous with the only difference in flavor. Here he is much calmer. It’s Jasmine, but not this, which can get a headache, it is lightweight, delicate, intimate. In my opinion, this fragrance is more suitable for evening use than the “8 flowers”.

3. Darphin Chamomile Aromatic Care / Aromatic treatment with essential oil of chamomile

Soothing aromatic care protects sensitive skin from internal and external harmful influences. Relieves redness, irritation, inflammation and itching, nourishes and soothes, brightens and evens the complexion. Active ingredients: essential oils of chamomile, lemon balm, sage and jojoba, horse chestnut, calendula and aloe.

Starting to use the aromatic care with chamomile, I didn’t expect more from him than from the two previously described specimens. By this time I had the impression that all the oil in the set good the same, just smell different. Imagine my surprise when I saw the fulfillment of ALL promises of the manufacturer.

In that time I used malopodhodyaschimi care, or did not use care (acute sinusitis, tracheitis, and otitis media was not allowed to give the skin the amount of attention she’s accustomed to), but the complexion had lost uniformity. On the gray background appeared pinkish areas and some inflammation.

Daisy for his birthday, smoothed pinkish areas, and a few applications have disappeared inflammation (which usually, though are rare, but leave behind long time passing post-acne). The complexion has really become smooth. I really respect the care, the effect of which can not only feel but also see.

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At the same time, as well as the other elixirs, chamomile also soothes and nourishes the skin, making it more dense and resistant to frost and wind.

The scent of chamomile is expressed, but not as intense as the “8 flowers”. Probably, to someone will seem too medical, but I like it. Moreover, soon after applying the cream, it is almost not felt.

Daisy ended the first. Will be buying a full sized bottle.

4. Darphin Tangerine Aromatic Care / Aromatic treatment with essential oil.

Aromatic essence with a citrus aroma fills the skin with energy, nourishes it and improves its elasticity, helps to protect from environmental factors that can accelerate skin aging.

After Daisy I with the big interest have tried the tangerine, I was wondering what surprised this citrus. Aroma of tangerine. Intense during use, but the skin quickly loses intensity.

As for the effect, in addition to all the properties that are common to oils kit, tangerine pleased with the fact that indeed, as promised by the manufacturer, and filled the skin with energy. This is reflected in the fact that in the face of returned paint (in a good way :-)). The complexion became more healthy. I really liked the use of Mandarin after chamomile. Chamomile soothed the inflammation removed redness, evened out the skin tone, and Mandarin made it more fresh. I think after the winter it will be true.

Rating: 8 flowers and Jasmine — 5, chamomile and tangerine — 5+

Period of use: 2 months last season + 1 month in this

The price of the kit this year: 3999 rubles (last year bought for 200 rubles cheaper)

Conclusion: for those wishing to explore the Darphin oils, but (like me) not knowing what to choose, set is a great option. Since aroma is an important and vibrant component of these potions, before purchase I recommend to smell all the oils to exclude individual intolerance. I liked all four, but a primary desire to repeat the purchase in full size arose in respect of chamomile and C, as these elixirs admired the most rapid and noticeable effect.

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