Day without makeup with drew Barrymore: how the actress has taught us to be easier

Drew Barrymore

Today, August 21, the world celebrates the Day without makeup and makeup. In a digital world ruled by photoshop and filters, girls, advocating for natural beauty and against the “outsizing” elicit a passionate admiration. One of them is drew Barrymore, who can easily publish photos (and not only their own, but the star of girlfriends) without a gram of makeup on my face and rubs frantically in Facetune your wrinkles on the forehead, pulls his legs up to the state of the two sticks and does not increase the eye to be like the anime character. SPLETNIK.RU decided to collect the best photos of drew without makeup.

Drew Barrymore is not without reason called one of the most ironic celebrity. Publish “sweaty” selfie immediately after morning yoga, make a face or put a photo of your double chin closeup — easy!

The star of “Charlie’s Angels” and she does not photoshop their pictures and the other forbids. A few years ago she even sued one publication for over-processing of images: according to the actress, she just didn’t recognize myself! I’m all for naturalness. And let ever I am fully covered with wrinkles, but it’s gonna be me, it will be my face. I don’t want make me someone else, even more beautiful woman on modern artificial standards of beauty.

Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz

The actress does not hesitate to post in Instagram pictures without makeup, along with your own selfie and then she shares with followers shots with the star friends. Thus, the lens drew a La natyurel appeared Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Richie. The honest selfie, by the way, gained almost a quarter of a million likes and several thousand rave reviews of fans who admired the strong female friendship and the beauty of the girls who are not afraid to face the vast army of subscribers Barrymore without makeup. Yes, this is not Kim Kardashian, who even on training runs in full war paint!

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In the evening when I put my head on the pillow, I can honestly say that I spent this day with dignity. At this moment I feel beautiful. Becoming a mom, I realized that it is not necessary to spend too much effort to be what you want to see the other.

Many are tired of glossy photos of supermodels with perfect skin if without then and without a single wrinkle. That is why these images drew cause such a stir.

It’s cool when a star shows us how she looks in reality. It is a reality. No make-up. No filters. No false eyelashes and painted eyebrows. This is a real mom, a real woman!

— in one voice say fans of the actress.

Each photo Barrymore confirms her rules of life: don’t pretend not to lie, nothing to portray.

However, it was not always so. The actress admits that for many years couldn’t look at myself without disgust. But then, one day, I realized that her opinion can not be objective — she just needs to rearrange your brain to think positive. She was able to develop a very serious attitude to life, and now it helps her to stay happy and carefree no matter what (either from its own weight or new wrinkles on the forehead).

Sullen, envious and complaining people do not look young, even if carried out in beauty salons half of life. They have all written on his face. And those who positively perceive the world around us, live longer and wrinkle less.

By the way, drew, you actually do not mind her age and the changes that occur with her looks. Experts agree that the actress, unlike their colleagues, not “played” the Botox was not injected fillers and neither did plastic.

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Happiness is the best makeup. The girl looks most beautiful when she smiles, the gleam in her happy eyes I will never I repeat no make-up. It is an internal moment. And I will definitely try to adhere to it.

— often said Barrymore in an interview to glossy magazines.

According to star, in everyday life in 90 percent of cases it costs no makeup (tons of makeup — it’s not about drew), best makeup for her happiness. So, next time your hand reaches for the concealer and powder, look in the mirror and smile, because the glint in his eyes does not replace any beauty tool.





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