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Traditionally, I if you write in the., then you must have a lot of makeup. But there is another option for those who come on. and in the process acquires cosmetics, which then is nowhere to store. I was one of the last. And if I had missed one of the bags for my dekorativke, now I’m slowly filling the empty space.

Today I want to tell you about the organizer storage cosmetics of the brand De.Co. A couple of months ago I bought a case and now ready to tell you about all its pros and cons (spoiler: there are no cons!)

So, first some General information:

  • the organiser consists of 2 parts, each of which is bought separately and costs around 250-650 rubles
  • the parameters of the upper case 22 x 13 x 8 cm
  • the parameters of the lower case 24 x 14 x 11 cm.
  • each of them can be used separately, but together they make the perfect pair because the bottom of the case has a small rim, allowing the upper case to perfectly link up with it.
  • as indicated on the package, the material from which made the case of PS, by simple combinations of the Internet, decipher this abbreviation, as polystyrene
  • the expiration date is not limited
  • made in China

Large lower case has three drawers. Here is an empty box.

Handle pullout drawers.

In the clear

And here is the lower case separately.

Now let’s cut to the chase: how do I place cosmetics in the case. To begin with, which I think is a bit of a boring plain clear plastic box. So I decided to bother a bit and decorate it. First I tried the option to seal the space on either side of the handles like something bright and interesting, but then refused it as double sided tape, which I this case is glued and ugly stood out on transparent plastic and it looked somehow dirty. So, I stopped on a variant in which I’m just wrapping the bottom of the drawers with paper.

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The bottom I took under storage Foundation, concealers, bases and palettes of eye shadow (cosmetics I have, again, not so much).

The middle drawer is moved means for eye make-up, eyebrows and pencils for lips.

The top drawer is my favorite because of how I decorated (confetti and stars), but so far it is the most empty. In it I store the powder, blush/military and I will keep new makeup.

Now a few words about the upper case.

It consists of:

  • 12 compartments for lipsticks. Since I’m not tomatomania and I don’t have many empty cells I decided to fill with decorative balls.

  • one big compartment in it I keep all sorts of stuff, and there are a tone that did not fit in the bottom drawer of the organizer.

  • 2 advanced bays, which is convenient to store brushes, and a small oblong compartment at the top, which I took under the nail, for example, sponges.

rear view, to see better the depth of the compartments

So in the end a photo of a General view.

The organizer I keep on a shelf in the back of the room so that direct sunlight on cosmetics misses. All drawers conveniently and easily move/disappear. I have no claims to the material from which it is made and the configuration. Now you only have to wait until I fill it completely with makeup and then, you can with a clear conscience to choose a new box or even a chest!))

Period of use: 3 months

Rating: 5

Girls, thank you for your attention, my name is Christina, and me on “you”.

Tell us how and what you store makeup?

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