Decorative perfumes or Six shades of red. In Russia, the first collection of perfumed lipsticks Le Rouge Parfum by Kilian

12 Feb 2019 Killian Hennessy has presented to journalists in Moscow, the first collection of lipsticks Le Rouge Parfum. For more details, I invite under kat!

For starters here is an excerpt from an interview with Kilian Hennessy, published on the official website of the brand:

What inspired You to create a collection of Le Rouge Parfum?

I wanted to give women the opportunity to find in a palette of beautiful shades of perfumed lipsticks this color that would be for them to truly “own” and would feel elegant, and audacious.

Why is the first experiment of the brand KILIAN make-up has become just the lipstick?

I have always tried to give women something that would have been both a weapon of seduction, and the impregnable shield, and the red lipstick is a timeless symbol of femininity, which is fully consistent with the spirit of the brand KILIAN.

Why palette was composed of only shades of red?

Red lipstick is incredibly impressive! It is a universal tool of seduction in all human cultures.

As a collection of lipsticks Le Rouge Parfum fits the heritage of the brand?

Le Rouge Parfum is the next step towards the implementation of my master plan: to make the scent noticeable. Taste and smell are inextricably linked, and perfume lipstick is the most visible embodiment of that connection.

What is the image of red lipstick in the works of art you think is most ideal?

My first Association is the movie poster of Stanley Kubrick’s “Lolita” Nabokov’s novel. Sue Lyon with Lollipop and glasses in the shape of hearts… irresistible!

What emotions do you want to give women who choose Le Rouge Parfum?

Confidence in the power of self-balistically and yet a sense of security. The woman who wears red lipstick, invincible!

Le Rouge Parfum by Kilian called the magic of seduction, enclosed in a sleek and seductive bottle, the entire surface of which is a shield of Achilles, brand name brand.

The design of the case is just a masterpiece! You need to have great will power to resist buying this beauty:

According to the manufacturer rich pigments allow you to achieve vivid colors in one motion (this can be seen in the video with live examples below). Durability promised up to 10 hours. It also reported that “…the lipstick does not feel on the lips, easy to apply and comfortable. Nourishing formula smoothes and protects delicate skin without drying the lips and making them silky.”

A distinctive feature of the lipstick is its unique perfume scent, which is quite expected from the brand. Top notes are called neroli and vanilla, but really the composition is much more complicated.

The palette has six shades of red, each of them in satin and matte. Below we consider both the finish read more.

Le Parfum Rouge — Lipstick with satin finish

Six shades of satin lipsticks numbered and named as follows:

  • 100 Heaven Rouge Satin
  • 110 Aphrodisiac Rouge Satin
  • 120 Prohibited Rouge Satin
  • 130 Dangerous Rouge Satin
  • 140 Intoxicating Rouge Satin
  • 150 Devil Rouge Satin

The official Swatch each lipstick is presented in three skin tones. An example of one of the tones:

Le Parfum Rouge — Lipstick with a matte finish

Six shades of matte lipstick numbered and named as follows:

  • 200 Heaven Rouge Matte
  • 210 Aphrodisiac Rouge Matte
  • 220 Prohibited Rouge Matte
  • 230 Dangerous Rouge Matte
  • 240 Intoxicating Rouge Matte
  • 250 Devil Rouge Matte

The official Swatch each tone of the lipstick also made available for three skin tones. For example, one of them it looks like this:

On the website of the brand reveals some special secrets wearing lipstick:

If you want to make the color really juicy, and smile — sensitive, I suggest to use both versions of LE ROUGE PARFUM, adding a little satin matte lipstick over the top in the middle of the lips. To become a real fatal beauty, add a little spirits. We recommend the flavors Voulez-vous coucher avec Moi, Woman in Gold, or Good girl gone Bad EXTREME.”

Here are the impressions from acquaintance with the novelty can be found in Instagram Maria Taranenko (ELLE Russia):

Of course, every lipstick has its own flavor. But here it is used not just perfume, but a real perfume formula based on 27 ingredients. In fact, this version of the legendary perfume Love don’t be shy with the chord marshmallows, vanilla, flowers. Sweet delicate smell when applying, but then disappears, that is not cause the slightest discomfort. In line 6 shades of red in matte and satin, each. But Kilian Hennessy promises to add pink and nude shades next year. Individual enthusiasm is packaging. The lipstick tube engraved with the same pattern on the Shield of Achilles looks expensive and elegant. Lipstick is a comfortable, easy to apply and does not spread

And now, according to tradition, a few live photos and videos from Instagram:

Scroll the carousel, there are photos of the two shades on the lips:

On the second page of the carousel you can find a video with the process of applying lipstick:–/

What are your impressions from the premiere of the famous perfume brand? Do continue the collection of decorative cosmetics?

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