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As I have already told about innovations of the brand essence, including series products get your glitter on! Today I want to continue a story about a very interesting product — a special primer for gliter. And as a bonus will show another shade Pitera in a jar, loose glitters #01 white holo out.

essence get your glitter on! glitter primer

I have quite a lot of pigments requiring an adhesive base. Until recently, I actively used a similar product from Nyx, so it was very interesting to try and more affordable product.

A volume of 10 ml (if I remember right, exactly the same as it was from Nyx)

Primer has no smell, the consistency is quite liquid. Before use shake the jar a bit.

Shade surprised me — very reminiscent of the Galactic Drops Highlighter from Catrice. If I didn’t know that I have a primer, I would think that it is a liquid highlighter.

It should be noted that the primer is completely non-sticky. I even started to doubt whether it is possible for that thing to glue sequins, because the primer Nyx sticks everything!

However, everything turned out very…

For the above example, take your favorite pigment with large particles from KM.

What I did:

Cemented base under shadow shadow dry light shade, singled out the crease and darkened the outer corner.

Then use flat brushes have caused quite a bit of primer essence on the area where you planned to apply in the future gliter.

At this stage it is important not to overdo it with the amount of primer. And the second point — when applying do not RUB. but only a little touch (otherwise the primer may be a little eat your shadow).

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Immediately after that I rented the same flat brush, dipped in a jar of pigment and applied it on my eyelid.

So, what I liked:

  • sequins were glued tightly! Even while as I started to draw the arrow on top, nothing crumbled!
  • when applying the pigment crumbled quite a bit (you can see in the photo). And given the fact that I apply the pigment very generous.
  • the durability is great!

Frankly, I was shocked, because the primer was above all praise. Works better than Nyx, but is cheaper. By the way, is washed off with milk to remove makeup.

Price: 230 roubles

Rating: 5+

Essence get your glitter on! loose glitters #01 white holo out

For the sake of interest I wanted to try other, more acceptable in the life of glitter from essence (I will remind that already tested these glitter, but they are quite specific in mind:))

This time everything is quite traditional — particles are not very large, have a beautiful mother-of-pearl-magic blue.

However, the #01 white holo out I don’t much like it. On the lid it lays down as strange lumps in the photo wherever you went, and that life is not impressive. To apply bald, barely layered (tried and primer essence, and Nyx primer, the result of one).

For my taste looks sloppy (again, the photo looks much better than in real life). The primer prevents the shedding (Hooray).

Price: 250 rubles

Rating: 3

Overall impression:

Glitter threw in a drawer, but the primer was my favorite! No sparkling makeup is not complete without it. It is very cool! A good (and more affordable) replacement Nyx glitter primer.

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