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Good day, beauties!

Being a fan of the cleanser, I’m constantly trying new tools and forms. Not long ago I met with enzyme powders, their existence brought me to a screeching halt. I’ve never heard of, and I decided to urgently try out one of the most famous representatives — Meishoku Detclear Bright&Peel Fruits Enzyme Powder Wash with AHA and BHA acids.


Description of the vial and dispenser:

The powder is in a bright bottle with painted fruit that displays the content of fruit acids (AHA-acids). The bottle is translucent, so perfectly visible expense.

Cover is comfortable, opens and closes softly, the dispenser is wide neck.


After reading reviews I was prepared for the fact that the use of such a dispenser will be uncomfortable, but I found a way out and discomfort in the process not experiencing before taking the pretty lady, some dust at first gently pour into a measuring spoon (the quantity required, I think it turns out about 1 gram), and then foamed.

The amount of powder required for foaming


The powder itself is white, heterogeneous, and occurs as very small grains and more non-caking and does not form lumps. The Bank has a light fruity fragrance, and the foaming already the aroma is lost.

Powder in its pure form

The use and effect of:

To use the powder I liked, as I said above, with the dispenser I made friends, and not-foamed hands, and the tin (about the gadgets to wash, you can read here) for whipping foam. Beat with hand and whip jar — completely different things.

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While beating, hands get quite a small amount of foam, it is necessary to control the amount of water and foam very quickly shed.

But when the churning of the jar I have brought the ideal “recipe”: half a scoop of powder (about 1 gram because I have the smallest spoon is designed for 2.5 g) and 2 full measuring spoon of water (the same as 2.5 grams), all this in a jar and whisk. The output is a delicate but resilient foam, which is well kept and well distributed over the face. With this method of using the foam absolutely does not dry the skin and the powder is very efficiently spent.

Foam whipped probanly

First I put the foam on the face and hold 20-30 seconds, then begin to gently massage the face and wash off. I any discomfort I do not feel: the skin does not dry and tightens, won’t sting or irritate.

I have no on the face, enlarged pores, I was worried about sporadic eruptions, the heterogeneity of the skin tone and blackheads on the nose. After using this powder black dots slightly lightened, the tone became more or less homogeneous, and rashes not yet appear, but the skin was sleeker or something, and well appointed.

The composition for those who know:

The result:

Volume 75 grams will suffice for such use for a very long time, I use it every night, even on dry sensitive skin.

Frankly, I expected this powder greater effect, and isn’t as “vigorous” as I would like. Yes, it cleans the skin. Yes, she’s very delicate, but I thought the effect would be the result.

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But this format for a cleanser I liked, I will try other powder manufacturers.

Tried anyone this kind of products, what brands? What impressions they have caused?

13$цена7/10оценка1 a month, 1P/danapalooza skin Type: Dry skin, sensitive skin

Thank you for your attention)

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