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Today I’ll tell you about the two products are not so known in Russia Finnish brand Dermosil: a lightweight moisturizing cream for normal and combination skin and night serum-exfoliant with glycolic acid and gluconolactone.

Dermosil is a family owned company, founded in 1988 in the Finnish city of Cornate located on the picturesque banks of the Gulf of Bothnia.

Under the brand Dermosil produces more than 400 items, covering products for care of face, hair, body, cosmetics, seasonal products, periodically replenishing the stock.

It is worth noting that the formulations developed by the company in its laboratories and certified in Finland, which partly explains the relatively low cost of production.

Sent to me for testing tools belong to the line of Faces, which presents a wide range of care cosmetics: a large selection of creams on the problem and skin type (including retinol), masks, cleansers, patches, serums, etc.

Looking ahead, I also put in a few words about the packaging. All the packaging means Dermosil made in a very impressed me a restrained, stylish and minimalistic design. For me an added plus in the Treasury of the brand has always advocated the fact that the manufacturer relatively low-end cosmetics pays as much attention to appearance of its products. Care about the aesthetic side — a kind of trust bonus, giving hope that this thoughtful approach also applies to quality and safety. For the unfamiliar brand, it is doubly true.

Moisturizing Light cream

Moisturizing light cream for normal and combination skin

In a series of Faces Dermosil presents three moisturizers to solve the problem of moisture balance (in order of increasing intensity of wetting and saturation of the composition): light, medium, rich. My version, accordingly, is the easiest.


In the name of the cream is present in characteristic “light”, and I must say, quite reasonably. The cream is really light, almost airy. I would even say that it the consistency is more like a fluid, not a cream.

Consumption is minimal. The skin is distributed perfectly. Absorbed almost instantly. So that while I apply it on one area, he manages to almost zero to absorb the other. No lubricity or greasiness after use remains. Tactile pores on the skin there is a slight delicate pellicle, which does not bring any discomfort, but rather gives a feeling of smoothness and softness.

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The smell is very light, not obtrusive, subtle. I have nothing specific not associated and seems very nice.


In the second position in the composition of isononyl isononanoate — soft plenkoobrazovatelej, which additionally has a soothing effect. I believe that, for the most part, most certainly he is the cream and owes its texture.

Ethyl alcohol of Shea butter on the third position also soften and nourish the skin.

Silithid, anhydrobiotic andxylitol — related components, representing a derivative of plant sugars. Their function is to increase the protective barrier of the skin and optimize the circulation of water on its surface.

The cream also contains linoleic and linolenic acid — essential fatty acids that restore the integrity of a protective barrier and prevents excessive moisture loss from the skin.

Bichurina resin — polysaccharide produced by fermentation of the sorbitol contained in the berries, fruits and algae. Has a strong moisturizing effect.

As can be seen, the core components provide the main task of the cream: the preservation and restoration of the integrity of the skin barrier and maintaining a high level of hydration.


Cream I was not chosen accidentally. First, I was looking for one with a light texture, which in the summer had not provoked the excess oil (remember that I have combination skin). Second, in connection with the introduction of the care retinoids, I wanted to err and to find a base cream with a simple hypoallergenic composition, which would be absent “nuclear” Inga, questionable kitchen herbs and other Orgy, capable with high probability to provoke a negative reaction on the background of experience with retinoids.

If you evaluate the cream in this vein, he gave me 200%. Some magical transformation of the skin from him, I originally did not expect.

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I wrote about the comfort of its use. I really like the feelings that it creates on the skin. It becomes soft, velvety, but not overloaded. Hydration in the summer was enough for me. Maybe in colder weather I would take out of the lineup with a full-bodied composition.

Makeup on top to go perfectly well with both dry and liquid texture.

Odnoznachno can recommend the cream owners normal, combination to (take the liberty) even oily skin as the final stage of basic care. For dry, I think for summer it could be good too, if they are to seal some kind of hydrating serum.

Volume: 50 ml

Price: 890 R.

Testing period: within one month daily

Rating: 5

Exfoliating Night serum

Serum exfoliant night

Packaging made of transparent glass.

The serum is a milky color. Liquid, but less liquid than plain water. Consumption standard, on face and neck I take an average of 3-4 big drops. Spread over the skin easily. Is absorbed immediately and leaves a subtle stickiness. By the way, from peels containing glycolic acid that I had, this is the most non-sticky. It can be left on the face for the whole night, as recommended by the manufacturer (although I used to wash the exfoliant wash off after 1-2 hours).

Noticeable smell the serum has. I believe that for some it can become an additional advantage, because very often exfoliatory with glicolico have a distinctive scent lover.


Some components in common with moisturizer: Bichurina resin, silithid, angerexia, xylitol.

Function exfoliation answer two acids: glycolicbelonging to the class of AHA-acids, and is traditionally considered the most effective among their counterparts on the effects due to the smallest molecule, and gluconolactone — polyhydroxylated (PHA), having the same alpha-hydroxy properties, but a lower irritant potential.


The percentage acid content in the serum was not made available to me, so I’ll rely on personal subjective experience. Fortunately, enough experience of using glycolic peels to assess is.

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Peeling is very soft and gentle. The “easy” exfoliator on the basis of glycolic, which I was, contained 4.5% of my favorite women from the alpha-hydroxy. I believe that in the serum of Dermosil percent or around that range or just below. When applying the first few seconds there is a slight tingling sensation, which quickly passes. Any discomfort and redness remedy I have not provoked.

In the application, as I wrote above, is very comfortable in the first place because almost no sticky. In addition to this, I even okumay some moisturizing effect after application.

As for the result, I can only assess the level of ability of serum to support the already existing picture, because I haven acids, and their concentration in the peels is not so high to give some kind of instant transforming effect. However, serum I’m satisfied. No impairments that follow the abolition of the daily exfoliation or a choice is not suitable for my skin product, was not followed and, therefore, the serum just quietly but surely doing its job.

I used it every evening. Even on the hottest days, the day dealing with a high SPF protection level.

Summing up: the drug is worthy and working. In my opinion, it can come to beginners for the first acquaintance with acids and acid experienced users can recommend it as a soft option of peeling in the summer and just how daily soft exfoliation during the cold seasons, in parallel with the more concentrated peels.

Volume: 30 ml

Price: 1190 R.

Testing period: within one month daily

Rating: 5

The products of the Finnish brand, I was satisfied. It is aesthetically pleasing both for external and internal content. Plus the ratio of price and quality, in my opinion, it is very advantageous. I believe that the brand has every prospect to win the love of local connoisseurs of beauty care 😉

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