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New from the brand, famous for its fantastic powder, could not pass unnoticed. Everybody is curious what kind of pixie dust offers buyers Hourglass.

The manufacturer promises the powder with light-reflecting diamond particles, instantly blur imperfections in the skin and creates an incredibly smooth surface. The powder is designed to provide longer retention of makeup and creates a second skin effect. One shade ideal for all skin tones due to the transparency. Veil fixing powder with a weightless texture that improves the appearance of natural leather without underlining texture.

Explosive, promophoto

Oh, promises more than encouraging. Let’s see what we get after the fact.

The powder is folded into the package, characteristic of all products of Hourglass.

On the reverse side set the method of application and composition:

The powder has no talc in the composition and Yes, diamond is present in the composition and not on the last place. Also in the second place reveals a synthetic sapphire. Don’t know what he’s doing, but the composition of the powder with diamonds and sapphires sounds effectively.

The packaging is completely plastic. Matte translucent bottom base of the jar allows you to see the powder, top cover brown shiny style of the brand.

After removing the cover, find the Golden filter with holes in the shape of the letter H.

A little shaking, the jar we get the first portion of the product.

The first appearance of the powder

Before you start talking about the powder directly, “the dispenser”. Of course, the gold plating is incredibly beautiful and more hygienic. But I have not found. It is obvious that the metal filter allows you to dial in the brush the required quantity of product at the touch. You need to shake the jar. The dust begins to scatter in all directions. I got used to shake the jar in a closed form, then open and put the powder from the cap, then the gold Cup. First, the powder lies in her heap and beginning to brush recruited more than necessary to shake off back into the bowl is difficult because the dust scatters. Often the excess powder and remain in the bowl, so how to calculate when you shake the optimal amount of powder is impossible. I think it’s clear that I’m not happy with the functionality of the packaging.

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Now about the powder. Powder Foundation has a light almost imperceptible shade of ivory. I.e. it’s not white.

Powder grinding is so tiny that resembles pollen. Therefore, it has high volatility. To shake the brush must be very sensitive. Aroma no no.

As soon as you start distribute the powder over the skin, it disappears under your fingers. Ie, on the skin of the powder is nowhere to be seen. But where the powder is applied, the skin under the fingers silky and feeling like you have caused no powder, and a silicone primer. Incredibly pleasant tactile sensation. Visually, the skin flattens out and acquires a very delicate glow. The powder has no glitter.

To understand the difference between loose powder and the powder Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder post photos of both. You can see how the glow and Shine compact powder is more pronounced, it has shiny particles. The same glow powder is very delicate, the skin appears satin, but not backtrack. Recommend when viewing the larger images.

Left powder Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in the shade Diffused Light, the right powder Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder

Will show a couple of pictures to capture the glow and complete invisibility powder, as powder coating.

In the center there is the powderI Hope you can see in the center a more pronounced glow of the skin.

Now look at the face. Not even macrophoto not see the dust, the feeling that it’s just pure leather.

The artificial lighting catches the glare. This is not sequins, and more glowing skin.

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Apparently this is a glow and creates an optical effect of erasing since. It can be seen directly in the process. If not the powder is applied, and the eraser to erase the skin texture. And there is no zaputannee and datirovannoe that I do not like.

Now look at the effect of the powder is not so close. Smooth, mild texture skin with a subtle glow. The powder does not give any tint and not fibulae, therefore, fits all (black the skin test I was not possible, but on dark it is). The effect is somewhat different from the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, which I wrote in this review. When you save the effect of illumination and radiance of the skin, there is no effect of highlighter to Wyspowy parts of the face.

Volume: 10,5 gr

Production: USA

Price: about 3100 euros/46 $

Rating: 5- (for not much more comfortable extract powder)

To summarize: the powder in the jar is very small, but it has a tiny expense. I use this powder a few months, but the powder did not seem to subside. Besides, despite its low weight, the volume of product is large. Apparently due to weightlessness. The very large jar and it is full. I’m picking up powder makeup and get invisible coating, which visually enhances the appearance of the skin and to the touch making it silk and smooth. Don’t know it’s a diamond dust or something, but the powder evens out skin texture and emphasizes the vellus hair. No matting, small satin glow when exposed to light. Today this powder is my absolute favorite. I literally fight with myself not to buy another one in reserve, because I do not know how it is enough.

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If we talk about what kind of powder to choose from: loose powder or compact, I personally prefer to use both. I’m picking up loose makeup and even out skin texture, compact and Polish the exposed area of the face. If I were to pick one, then fans of shimmers / highlighters I would advise a compact, and those who do not like Sverchok loose.


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