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What could be better than favorite mascara for eyes? Just another great mascara for the eyes 🙂

And I always remain in search of a great mascara and even if I find it, my curious soul still requires to try this or that new product/brand. Today we will focus on two carcasses of the brand Smashbox, which first burst into my beauty life.

In respect of a product such as mascara for the eyes, I don’t have any excessive demands, own lashes, they are good. Importantly, the ink behaved well and suited my sensitive eyes + were given small volume. That’s all.

Today we look at the two carcasses of the same brand — for dazzling volume and false lash effect. Whoa, Smashbox, take it easy )))

Both products are Packed in cardboard boxes with all marketing information and manufacturer.

For many, the shape of the brush plays an important and sometimes even decisive role when choosing a mascara, for me it does not matter. I can paint the eyelashes even with a cotton swab. But however convenient the brush is appreciated 🙂 Here we have a classic version to create volume and a thinner silicone brush split and create extra length.

Smashbox Super Fan Fanned-Out Mascara #Black

Let’s just see what we promised. But the manufacturer promises us the impossible length and volume to your lashes for at least 12 hours and incredible separation of the lashes.

The product is presented in a classic black hue, not the ultra black, but the pigment is quite intense. The mascara is not wet, has a subtle fragrance that is inherent in many of the carcasses for eyelashes. Alcohol does not smell.

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Convex silicone brush with short and firm bristles that are perfectly separated lashes and very convenient for staining the bottom lashes. In today’s beauty world, to see more or less the classic brush the mascara already seems bad, but then Smashbox did not move away from the source.

Mascara, well lengthens lashes, adds volume, but still works more for length and separation of lashes. The layers are thin and the mascara can easily be layered.

Throughout the day the mascara is not showered, not smeared under the eyes and perfectly removes the usual mitsellyarnoi, not turning you into a Panda. Suitable for sensitive eyes.

You should pay attention to the fact that this mascara is not labeled as waterproof and if you decide to cry at the wedding of the soul, it is better to choose another partner for eye makeup. But in everyday life in the usual bad weather in the street the ink does not flow.

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara #Jet Black

Here is the most that neither is a classic mascara to give volume to your lashes. Black classic for the ages.

Convenient brush to create voluminous and lush lashes, where you removed a sufficient amount of product, the mascara is not wet and has a subtle scent.

Compared to this SuperFan Full Exposure at first glance the land. In fact, it perfectly separates the lashes and increases their volume and length and separates lashes well.

In addition to the volume and length mascara curls the lashes a bit, and not just lengthens them. A pleasant bonus.

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The product is well suited for sensitive eyes, rinse well the simplest way to make-up remover, not smear under the eyes and flaking. The pigment is good, but not ultra black. I would say that it’s your lashes, only better.

Also Full Exposure is not a waterproof product, but under standard conditions the type of light rain or laugh with friends ink does not flow 🙂

And what kind of mascara you like the most?

Your Nadya

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