Diary of Mascara – Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara

Continue the epic search for the perfect mascara for the eyes. And it looks like I’m not going to stop at all, as new items come out almost every day and always want something new to try. Especially among unfamiliar brands.


So today we have the most popular mascara Tarte – Lights, Camera, Lashes in black shade in limited edition packaging Flamingo.

Products are always bright and Packed, I would even say that a little loudly. But still some charm and aesthetics are present in this. Design now popular Flamingo made in eco-leather, which is absolutely unusual packaging for mascara, you will agree.


The brand is not just good and interesting, it is also vegan, totally ethical, cruelty-free, and now available in Russia. How to get past?

The small brush is great for applying mascara. The product itself is a little watery, it would be possible to make the ink a little land, since the first time straight mascara clings to the lashes and apply too much product.

The pigment can be more likely attributed to the so-called ultra black. Mascara allows you to draw drama on the eyes, it is enough to apply several layers.


Well adds volume and length to lashes, but maybe a little glue. It doesn’t happen every time and it is not clear what it depends on.

And makeup

Convenient brush to paint the bottom lashes, but top a little confuses. Therefore, the student can not call her. Although there are a number of important advantages.

— ink does not leak in wet weather, tears or laughter, though not stated as waterproof

— ideal for sensitive eyes

— rinse well the usual mitsellyarnoi, leaves no residue under eyes, quickly removed

— during the day is not showered


In principle, it is such a beautiful, ethical product is a solid four. Without much enthusiasm, but without disappointments. But familiarity with the brand to continue to want to, but can’t choose what to buy next. Too much choice 🙂

Price: 1500 rubles

Your Nadya

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