Digital platform can help cosmetic brands to increase customer loyalty

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Launchmetrics, a company dedicated to data analysis, has launched a new platform for decision-making on the activities of the brand called Insights by Launchmetrics that promises to help beauty brands to effectively spend money on marketing, and also to compare the effectiveness of their brand against competitors.

Launchmetrics appeared on the market in 2006 with its headquarters in Paris, France. Its offices are around the world: in new York, Los Angeles, London, Milan, Girona, Madrid, Munich, Tokyo and in Craiova (Romania). According to the website Launchmetrics, the organization “develops intellectual capabilities that expand the ability of companies in the sectors of fashion, luxury and cosmetics, helping them to develop business and optimize processes.”

Director of marketing meets with clients Launchmetrics face-to-face and talking about values recently released information Insights from Launchmetrics, stating in a press release: “As marketing Director with experience in the industry, I can attest to the problems faced by manufacturers. The industry changed quickly and the new digital landscape forced many of them to navigate effectively and allocate budgets,” says Alison Bridge.

The new platform considers data over the years and allows marketers to make decisions based on both qualitative and quantitative indicators, and values in dollars that the brand assigns to each region, time period, channel. The algorithm takes into account the “engagement of the audience, the relevance of the industry, the credibility of the source and quality of content to create high-precision measurement method”, according to a press release. In addition, published every month with about 21 million online articles, more than 200 billion posts on social networks, more than one million printed pages per year, 200 thousand of the views of influential persons and profiles more than 10 thousand of their respective companies.

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“The challenge for brands, says Michael Jais, CEO of Launchmetrics – it becomes an understanding at a global scale what works, which impedes their ability to adjust strategy in real time.”

“Insights from Launchmetrics will change the approach of managers to make decisions and give them the opportunity to use our unique resource of data to quantify every marketing and PR action,” said Jais. In accordance with this algorithm, managers can assign a monetary value to these actions to measure their effectiveness and see what investments help to increase brand loyalty and compare with competitors.

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