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Oh, how long I chose everyday palette! There was a bunch of criteria: that all the shades were used on a daily basis, ideally combined with each other, easily rastushevyvaet to have less shimmer, but also that the palette was beautiful in design completely out of your mind and just comfortable with the daily routine. Chose between Sanlevski fours from the autumn matte collection palette Becky, well, Dior. Eventually settled on the latter option. Let’s take a look!

Set of standard: blue cardboard box, inside, the boot, the box with the shadows and two brushes. Brush I did not even try to apply — they are too small, and a sponge I work unusual. Reticulation conveniently closes and in the first minutes of unpacking, withstood a fall from a small height. I was surprised by the shelf life — 6 months from the date of opening. Don’t believe that dry foods can deteriorate so quickly. But it’s the lyrics, and what shades?

Suddenly you have a palette, and you don’t know what to do with it

Only 5 shades, all without a name. Go from light to dark at the center.On the hand, top-down without the base and with the base Course.

1 shade — satin delicate cream color with tiny, barely visible to the eye, a shimmer. My skin is merged.

2 hue — very interesting. Light peach shade with a delicate pink shimmer. He gives so gentle and barely noticeable pink overflow that I was unable, unfortunately, to catch it on camera.

3 shade is another satin iridescent color. In my opinion, the closest thing to a bright bronze.

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4 shade — a little more matte than the previous one. Just a great brown.

5 hue — totally opaque. Are unable nothing to compare it to. Dusty slightly stronger than the other.

All shades of soft silk. All is well pigmented. They are tightly compacted, due to this unusual to dial in the brush, I rarely come across such a shade. To be honest, I sometimes like to use their finger, they gain tighter, no problem to apply and shade. The shadow of a little dust. Testers in stores are much easier in this respect, perhaps even through mesyatsok palette “to paint”. For spotchem on hand shows that without a base the shades look boring, but they reveal all their beauty and delicate Shine.

I really like the selection of shades. They are versatile, great for my blue eyes, you can’t overdo it. The absence of obvious flashy shimmer. There are shades for shading, and for shading, and to consolidate the base. With this palette it is not necessary to invent anything in the morning, all is already invented for you.

For myself, I chose two options of makeup every day.

The first is to use all the colors. On mobile eyelid caused #2, darkened the crease #5, in the inner area #1, foreign #4, on the lower eyelid #3.

The second option — daily gentle smoky eyes. On the movable and lower eyelid #4, restorefile with #5, in the inner area #1 or #2 choice) In photo number 2.

And of course every shade can be used solo. The shade is easily washed off with mitsellyarnoi or oil. Resistance on the basis of 8-10 hours, but I have very oily eyelids. By the way, they do not roll or shatter, but gradually become paler. Nice.

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To summarize: a great palette and went over all my criteria. It’s casual, all the shades blend together and they can easily beat, there won’t be any lying around. Easy shade, soft, pleasant to work with. And a nice bonus — cool design, I love when a product looks dorogovato.

Term of use: about a month 4-5 times a week

Price: 3200 gold card

Rating: 10/10.

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