Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette 537 Touch

A year ago I tasted the palette Dream and laid my eyes on her like that, but in soft and warm shades. Most strange, winter, time, cool topovyh, lamartinova and plum, and wear warm.

A year ago, got some new palettes with the changed formula of the shadows. They are awesome. Silky, not dry and loose (like Basic UD), not dust in the brush, do not stay under the eyes.

Packaging usual for Dior, the only side of the matte box, as a hint at the contents.

Inside is a nice mirror and a sponge. Will fit someday, and so their brushes.

All five shades are completely opaque, but “live”. No chalk. Total weight 7 g. In this Dream completely erased the logo midway and most of the figure of the other shades. Very often it is taken.

1 — light peach

2 — milk, smoothes the eyelid

3 — boiled condensed milk

4 — soy chocolate, if I may say so, a warm light brown

5 — creamy pink cream

Without the base:

Palette “delicious” bright colors and it behaves perfectly. About bright evening make-up in doubt, and took the other for this case, but nodoby day, or wedding — it’s all the work for her.

For me this palette the most beautiful transition rastushevok shades. If somewhere has too much bright or dark colors, take that and dilute/fix. Shade shade if do. Use inexpensive base Lumene.

In fact, the very neutrality:

Price: 3600 RUB without discounts.

Rating: 5+++ (love it!)

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