Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette No. 156 Femme-Fleur


I continue to tell about various old editions. It is possible that someone will be interested. Today — reticulation-five Dior.

Can’t remember the story of the appearance of the palettes I have — most likely it was self-impulsive buying. As always before.

Classic packaging fives — dark-blue plastic, mirror, velvet pouch, was a cardboard box once. “Quilted” design fives I’ve always liked. It seems that this particular palette was part of the fall collection. Two sponge around the edges — they never used them, because it is not convenient, but in an emergency they can do decent makeup.

Dior I have never had a lot — just a few charts. Because Dior is almost always shimmer-shimmer (with rare exceptions). In General not my story, as shown.

This palette in spirit enough autumn deep colors and nouravie hints. Mostly it’s tempting to get it around this time — from the end of November and even before the end of winter — usually it organic at this time.

  • Shimmery beige — ivory. Basically put it on the eyelid and on top of it already to paint and shade other shades. Average pigmentation. Mother-of-pearl)
  • Shimmery pink — girl real shade, not quite utterly the mother-of-pearl, but on the verge. Another shade, which shade others. Pigmentation is somewhat different than the first — not weaker, but different. From a certain angle it is almost transparent, and under the other is pink. also not unique, but the palette completely.
  • Purple — the color of lilacs in spring, but gray notes. The same average pigmentation and lots of shimmer, but the tint is noticeable and it is voluminous.
  • Deep brown with a small aubergine-fine pink shimmer, which gives the volume. Perhaps, this shade along with the most interesting previous in the palette. Adds depth to the rest of the colors and the eyes, sitting is interesting.
  • Central shade — classic shimmery taup — and in the feast and in the world, as they say. Not every day, because the shimmer a lot, but almost everything beneath and everything. Not flat but simple.
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    Themselves shades almost no, along — quite well. I think the palette could have passed for Christmas, just add a her embossing stars.

    Makeup under the electric light it looks brighter. Judge for yourself. Day natural:

    Electric artificial:

    The shadows are soft, well shaded, on the basis of the rush all the time that you wear them (18 hours — easy), do not roll down, without the base worse and less bright. You layering, but I do not.

    Electric light.

    On the palette at the time I finished the Dior is too much for me Simmern and pearl — not mine. But now I was relaxed about this and sometimes no, but can look to their bench with the shadows. While nothing was taken, but not so annoying to the abundance of shimmer.

    Still wear the mood, sometimes happy, get infrequently.

    Cost: something around 2 thousand when buying.

    Volume: 6 C.

    I worked for several years.

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