Dior Addict Eau Fraiche EDT. Spring morning in a bottle

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Of course, writing about spring and summer fragrances in the winter is illogical, but on the other hand, perhaps someone just in advance to start looking for perfume on the warm time of the year. So welcome to under the cut!

A little back story: this perfume for me is to some extent symbolic, since it was my first luxury fragrance, and also because I have tender feelings for the house of Dior. Someone scent seems banal, simple, inconspicuous. But I’m not one of them )) This is the second bottle, the first time he was in a volume of 30 ml, but it was taken out of production, unfortunately.

Dior Addict Eau Fraiche EDT 50 ml

Gender: female

Group: floral

Top note: Calabrian bergamot

Middle notes: Lily of the valley and white freesia

Base notes: white musk

Release year: 2014

Perfumer: Francois Demachy


Composition Dior Addict Eau Fraîche reveals the sparkling citrus notes of sweet-sour Grapefruit, underlined with a soft accord of Calabrian Bergamot. In the heart of the fragrance is an exquisite bouquet of delicate, slightly tart notes of Freesia and Lily of the valley. Joyful flower sound smoothly into a base of woody chords, wrapped in notes of White Musk. Fresh and tremulous plume, which contains a dazzling effect.

The bottle, in my opinion, done perfectly. I like the minimalism. It seems girlish, but at the same time strictly. Cover conveniently snaps, the symbolism is even inside him. The box is also quite interesting, the edges beautifully shimmers with holographic paper. The very design suggests intuitively that now is something fresh ))

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The flavor starts with grapefruit. These citrus notes are felt for hours, and then they are replaced by flowers, flowers, flowers and musk. The loop is rather weak aroma very gentle and not bothersome. I tried to wear it in different seasons and made the following conclusions: in winter it is revealed most fully and interesting, but uncomfortable. Citrus reveals more Intrusive and bright. But at this time he demonstrates exemplary extract about 7 hours on the skin and in the evening on clothing and hair. In summer, the resistance of the smallest — in the heat, he disappears completely in 4 hours, come to the fore faster out flowers.

That’s when he’s really lovely — so it is a spring morning! Not only because of its characteristics, but in General because of the atmosphere: the smell of fun, light, cheerful. It is ideal for working and training everyday and not suffocate others. With him want to get up with the sun, wear a light chiffon dress navit curls. The fragrance is not about “devaccount”, but about femininity and self-love.

I heard some compare Addict Crystal from Versace. In my opinion, Crystal is much fresher, there is something cucumber. Some fresh bitterness, which is from Dior.

Term of use: about a year

Rating: 5/5

Price: 3500 RUB per client day

My name is Sasha, I’m glad to hear your opinion)

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