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For this purchase I was inspired by a review of the collection BACKSTAGE by Dior, who took Victoria Moiseeva. The next day was black Friday, just the day in Petersburg was opened up store Sephora.

Original data: sensitive thin skin with Pushkov hair, which emphasize almost all Foundation; visible blood vessels. And she says, look all of these we NRI and transparency; all smear — will be excessively superfluous.

But “smear” on it I love, so…

Packaging: plastic frosted round jar with a plastic shiny cover. Very photogenic. While the cream is new, you need to open it carefully because of the narrow neck immediately appear a drop basis.

The consistency of this Foundation is liquid, before “drinking” the bottle is shaken. Despite the fact that liquid Foundation, it well covers redness and slight imperfections.

The finish on my skin pretty natural, not tight, matte and not humid.

I have a shade of 1N, in a series of unbelievable number of shades with all photoname and color subtypes. Besides, it also adapts. I am satisfied that on the skin are some shortcomings, don’t really like solid surface; of course, they can more carefully consider, based layered, but the second or third layer it on my face does not lie immediately falls off. Can and point, but… laziness. When applied used ordinary Kabuki brush.

Durability: more than 7-8 hours did not go with him, but this time he withstands with dignity, even from the scarf (of course that is not in constant contact with the chin and nose, but touching them) no “holes” in the coverage. Perhaps the resistance is due to the fact that he does not leave the skin a healthy glow (at least on mine); I want more of the effect of moisturized skin (cream before applying Foundation like eaten it), but for this you need to go to the shelves with EXPLOSIVES.

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Sculptor NYX, the brand suffered Gyvenchy Satin lipstick Irresistible Color Lipsticl 08

2200₽цена9/10оценка14 days, 1P/danapalooza skin Type: Normal skin, sensitive skin

I put 9/10 because I hope that the meeting with your perfect-predelnoi basis I have still yet to come.

The price shown is for Black Fr., price on ordinary days — about 2800 R.

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