Dior Diorific 760 Triomphe / Christmas collection 2018

Big-bellied bottles I love Diorific long time, 15 years, since when they were “tenured”. I know that not everyone likes this design, but I’m glad that after a long break, the design came back and became the hallmark Christmas collections. Every year I try to buy at least one thing (a lipstick or nail Polish). This year my choice is nail Polish, Dior Diorific 760 Triomphe.

Red nail Polish is never too much πŸ™‚ Over the last year I have ended two of varnish, and, surprisingly, both red πŸ™‚

In a series of varnishes Diorific I like everything: the texture (not thick, not liquid, samaratransgas, without bubbles), and the drying time (15-20 minutes), and durability (4-5 days), and ease of removal (without staining nails, and skin). But most importantly, I love all Dior polishes, including the permanent collection, is a semicircular brush. Some people find it too big, but fits me perfectly, it is much easier to paint near the cuticle than rectangular.

By the way, a few years ago Dioretikov was rectangular brush, I have such instances in the collection, but get them rarely.

Diorific 760 Triomphe (centre) with friends

Polish β€” very festive. You know the anecdote about the faulty balloons that not encouraging? This ball is definitely not defective πŸ™‚ Since buying used it 6 or 7 times, and it’s not boring.

There are polishes that look better in the sun, there are those who, on the contrary, it is better in the shade or under electric light. Diorific 760 Triomphe is also changing depending on the lighting, but I like it under any circumstances.

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To say that this is a red Polish with a shimmer will probably be not entirely accurate. Rather, it is 99% shimmer, and 1% base.

This ratio is especially obvious in bright light. The nail Polish I bought quite some time ago, and he managed to catch a lot of Sunny days. The sun Diorific 760 Triomphe looks red and scarlet. Due to the abundance of shimmer, it “burns” on the nails.

Flash is almost the same. In both photos, visible “streaking” of the coating.

Without direct light, in clear weather, the lacquer looks much calmer. Note here, the paint applied without a top. Like all Dior polishes, the gloss of his modest. In this light “banding” is not very conspicuous.

But this looks like a ruby nail Polish in daylight in cloudy weather. Now, when the Sunny days in Moscow rare, I see it on their nails like that. Hereinafter manicure with a top-glosser.

The same day, the same manicure, by the other window. Under the top strips can not be seen.

But the way I see the Diorific 760 Triomphe on their nails in the electric light, i.e. most of the day.

Compare with a couple other Dirov.

Diorific 760 Triomphe is very similar to released in 2015, Dior 868 very well (wrote about it). Absolutely the same texture, same amount of shimmer. Small the only difference shade base: Triumphant it is closer to the rubies, and the Wonderful β€” to the scarlet poppies. The temperature character of the post may resemble a Christmas limitu 2016 β€” Diorific 850 Splendor (the only Polish in my collection that I bought in double quantity, the first bottle is already finished). However, obviously, Splendor (and) other texture β€” it is not thin and shimmer inside him.

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Conclusion: Dior Diorific 760 Triomphe lived up to my expectations completely, a perfect nail for winter holidays.

Period of use: 2 months

Price: 1500 rubles after deduction of discounts on the map

Rating: 5

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