Dior Diorific Vernis Nail Lacquer 809 Emerald is one of precious stone Christmas collection Dior Precious Rocks


The nail Polish I have in store for spring, but the soul asked green before. It happened once with a long-awaited thaw, a glimmer of hope for the imminent end of winter.

In principle, it is logical to at least once walk this nail Polish in the winter, because it is from the Christmas collection 2017 called Dior Precious Rocks 2017 (Gems), in which each of the varnishes was associated with a certain gem.

For example, the green Dior Diorific Vernis Nail Lacquer 809 Emerald, which I now tell you, compared with the iridescent emerald.

The lacquer color was very difficult. I admit, I’m not very fond of green polishes, but this is only conditionally possible to carry to the green, because it successfully mixed color natural turquoise, and the reflection of the blue sky and intense color of young grass. And all this is enhanced by the fact that the varnish shimmery.

I note with pleasure that the varnish is equipped with a lovely small semi-circular flat brush. This time it got to me extremely high quality — hair to hair.

By the way, a good, proper brush for summernow texture is very important. She needs to lay the varnish evenly, as if prepective him, not allowing to form bands. The second major point is that the very texture of paint. For me it is desirable that it was fluid enough, then I can put the varnish in thin layers, controlling to form bubbles. Unfortunately, this Polish was criticism, many noted that it can bubble, but I came across a bottle of lovely liquid texture, plus a great brush, so I avoided the “bubbly” problems. Though not without other problems. It turned out that this nail Polish very much emphasizes all the flaws of the nails. Recently, from a blow on my thumb nail was a small dent and the lacquer is visually turned it literally into the crater, but believe me, she’s actually barely noticeable.

But the blue nail varnish looks good, no stripes and nodules, the finish line he literally satin, and shimmer is very beautiful shimmers and gleams under the estimated illumination.

I put the varnish in three thin layers, each thoroughly dried to prevent caking shimmer, then top coated with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat for more durability. Wore the Polish for four days, and for me it is excellent resistance (!!!), broke up with a manicure with sadness, because the nail was so interesting on the nail, that he wanted to consider, while pondering that in the spring it will be sure, because in the sun it will look amazing!

And yet, look at the nails with the scarce winter light.

Volume of vial:12 ml.

Price: around 1400 RUB Polish from a limited collection, but even in autumn it was possible to buy it on sale at a great price — 999 rubles.

Evaluation of 5- (minus for the insistence to smooth the nail plate)

Country of origin: France.

Thank you for your attention.



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