Dior Lip Maximizer #006 Berry

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Really waiting for the spring issue of Dior because I like the Maximizer for the care and menthol, but did not cause the desire to purchase a color from the permanent collection – too he was on the lips.

The sponge is small, convenient, gloss finish on it a little bit: if two lips, sooooo thin layer will have to stretch and smear. I’m on your lips use a portion to each – and this is for applying in one coat, I love more tightly.

The smell of the gloss minty, not menthol, and that is mint, but chemical, to natural mint far. About as mint. Flavor is also mint, maybe a little to pinch the tongue, but no sweetness.

Maximizer declared planera; my lips it does not increase, but slightly smoothes the terrain and makes it a little brighter due to the blood flow to the lips.

Menthol chill has a good, good: the first half hour strongly tingly lips, another half hour – significantly cools. I’m a fan of menthol, so the action I really like. But if you compare it with Buxom Full-On Lip Cream, menthol Maximizer – is seeds.

Glitter gives you a good, really good care. May the precious, Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Moisture replenishing lip balm with blue lotus, for me, is irreplaceable, but Maximizer is close, very close. If problems with lip-no, I can only use them.

Of course, I opted for the purple color, so settled on #006 Berry. It looks a rich purple-pink in the bottle but on the skin it is rather pink, do berry, purple note disappears and is very clear.

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The light of day, warm.

Compared to the Buxom Full-On Lip Cream #Rose Julep.

The texture of the glitter is quite dense, viscous, sticky. Hair nameplay on strands.

I think you all have noticed how swatches Maximizer rushed into the mesh of the terrain.

The issue of the leaking current, but not so simple. All my Swatch on the lips made in daylight, Maximizer laid a half to two layer, but the difference between switchme in a couple of hours. And in some photos visible flowing in the relief, others no. In reality, I do not see these leaking, the appearance of the glitter in the photo surprised me.

I have a bright lip Maximizer on them looks so nutovo that I show here is a Swatch, so you can see the difference.

On the day and very cold light.

In this photo you can see the effect of filler properties of the maximizer and visual remnants of the effect of plumper red dots on the lower lip.

The only disadvantage is the expense. This is the only means of decorative cosmetics, which I have to save. If you use it in that mode, as I would like, Maximizer will fly for a month and a half, and I’m interested in color do not exist in the permanent range. Now my inner hamster calm – I have a bottle of berry Shine and still remains blue. You can wait and summer collection. ????

For me when the warmth of daylight.

Price: about 2800 rubles without discounts.

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