Dior Rouge Couture Colour Blush Long-Wear Powder Blush 136 Delicate Matte

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I think that is unlikely among those interested in the novelties of decorative cosmetics will be someone who has not heard so far of the updated line of Rouge Dior Rouge Couture Colour Blush Long-Wear Powder Blush. Probably most of you have already seen the blush in stores live and to try, if not on the face, at least on the hand are interested in shades.

And today I want to show you my first purchase of this line – Blush Rouge Dior Couture Colour Long-Wear Powder Blush in soft peach shade 136 Delicate Matte.

Will notice right away that blush I have plenty, and the purpose of the visit to the corner initially it was planned as a date with the Devil.

The latest insidious and pushes us into unexpected actions (in this case purchase). But perhaps because of lack of time haven’t had a chance to calmly consider all the new items.

Blush of the updated line (there are 15 shades, but in Russia there are, I believe, 11) was pleasantly surprised by its unusual texture.

The texture is powdery, but the thinnest, weightless. In addition, when applied to the skin it not just a shade, and is distributed like the cream, like slipping and melting on the skin and merges with it or with powder, creating a natural effect of the frosting until light highlighting inside and even shimmering. According to the manufacturer’s resistance – not less than 6 hours.

A little distracting from the hero post, I will add that tested many shades of the above characteristics inherent to absolutely all of them, from the most delicate to the brightest, including 999. None of the shades is simply impossible to overdo it. Unless you ask to turn yourself into a doll, and it turns out this is not the first movement in the brush.

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Many bloggers most interesting shade believe 601, describing it as a pink iridescent quartz.

My shade is the lightest of the warm, much-loved gentle peach. Although the sweet peaches I have.

The blush, these are not bought for the sake of creating a color accent on the cheeks, and generally not as a color component in the make-up. Their role in this case – just to give a healthy look to the face, brush it, remaining invisible.

On the back of the box, the manufacturer recommends three methods of using blush, depending on the desired goal:

— natural effect: apply from the protruding points of the cheekbones down;

— effect of a healthy glow – uniform circular motion brush around the protruding points of the cheekbones;

effect of the sculptor’s feathering up to his temple and to the superciliary arc.

Who needs these conventions and regulations do not understand, because each of us knows best his own face.

I propose to proceed directly to the blush!

Carton everyone is familiar with, but still show:

Upper end with a number of shade:

Black velvet cover does not show all he was seen, and nothing new in it.

Case front with Dior logo also all familiar with.

Case back with color fragment color:

The blush comes with a brush:

Brush think it is stupid, but still better let it be in case of sudden contact with the travel conditions than at any.

The brush is rough for this product, blush while trying to dial them it even to the dust, but rather not quite a hold on her and fall off, soiling the case. When typing in a natural soft brush it does not, blush not dust and do not crumble.

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On the surface of the product – the familiar logo of Dior:

Photos of blush in different lighting:

The color varies from peach covered with care then beige, then orange, and sometimes even in a brick. The intensity of the color is also variable depending on the lighting, very bright, quite bright.

But it’s all in the case.

And then I tried to make a Swatch. These are the times!

The Rouge is absolutely not visible on a slightly pojarevska skin and completely merge with it (at the time of purchase blush skin was lighter).

On the finger pad in different lighting:

Your finger is in focus, you see it on papillary patterns on the finger pad, visible even cross the tiny trail from the recent cut. Note that I didn’t just run her finger across the blush, and drove hard a few times. The product goes on your finger with a light touch, but without the layering of color almost does not.

If a very long time to draw it over the surface of the blush – get a hint of orange.

And then I finger a very long time and effort to reschedule the band blush on the inner surface of the hand – almost nothing is visible. Swatch in focus, you can see it clearly transferred to finest hairs that I have, if only with a magnifying glass you can consider:

And now in the way.

On the face blush was dealt a natural soft wide brush for invisible underscore the nature of the person.

I repeat that this blush I use it for this purpose and not to accentuate the cheekbones, and not to bring additional color chord makeup.

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Moreover, there’s generally a person to the beach without makeup. Only powder, lipstick and Rouge. At sea day I go mainly because I spend time either on the beach or go to the mountains, ride bikes, etc.

The eclectic background of the footage – catch the light among the clouds in the middle of the aftermath of the terrible storm and flood, for several days raging on the black sea coast.

Blush plotted as in life, but the camera eats them, apply bright did not, I think the beauty of this shade – natural and inconspicuous fresh face.

As I mentioned above, blush is smooth to apply, perfectly merge with the skin tone means the resistance can not be noted separately — it is beyond praise. 8 hours stand freely with a hot humid climate and hurricane winds, I’d say, up to 10 hours.

I think the blush in this shade is very advantageous will look at young girls with a warm undertone fair skin.

I now want to look at the 999 shade. He’s kind of mysterious, lipstick almost all girls is if not how it is in warm red (I goes to orange). Blush at the feather on my arm crimson.

Weight: 6,7 g.

Country of origin: France

Price: 3350 RUB without the discount, the VIP card 2516 RUB

Rating: 5

Who else bought new and in what shade?

Very interested to see your posts!

Let the autumn will be warm, soft and brings new joyful emotions!

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