Dior Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge in shade Ultra Uppeal No. 587

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Hello! My name is Vika and I am a lipstick junkie!)

In search of interesting dark beige I’ve spent a lot of time, to determine the range from Dior “Ultra Dior Rouge Dior Rouge” has now become a choice between “Ultra Touch No. 600” and “Ultra Uppeal No. 587”.

I thought that maybe a warmer 587-Oh, it will be advantageous to combine with my appearance…

Let’s begin our overview of the case, it certainly is luxurious, great red color, brand dorowski silver vstavochki in the middle, made of plastic.

Then it will go about the shade… Dim, noble, grey light brown, with a delicate pink undertone so nice, like cocoa with milk. Office dress code will not break, the image of him looks quite restrained I simply.

Lipstick applied without a pencil, but she decided herself to draw the outline))

This round cut of the stick, I am not very comfortable to apply lipstick, certainly not used, you have to spend time to adjust the shape of the lips.

Here applied with a thin layer of the balm

Matte lipstick has a creamy texture with a very light sheen of moisture that absorbs into the lips. Lip color covers 80%. My wrinkled texture of the lips lays down evenly, not clogging in the folds, but not smooths them.)

Spots never goes anywhere does not leak, the only thing that creates a path if layering.

Stays on the lips like a stiff, all day!

The line includes 22 shades, among them are black and white even, but their main function is to adjust the other colors.

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I want to reiterate very good durability, in the end of a hectic working day it is well preserved and almost didn’t dry lips.

Sorry for the SHABBY appearance!!!!!!!


Weight: 3.2

rating: 9/10

made in France

Thank you for your attention!

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