Discovered fruit that will make you look younger in three weeks

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Studies have shown that one mango a day for three weeks increases the production of skin collagen, thus making it more elastic and reducing wrinkles.

Researchers from South Korea conducted a study, which showed that the mango can be an excellent tool for the prevention of aging. However, it will not significantly prolong your life, but will improve the appearance.

Scientists say that all middle-aged people should eat at least one mango a day, and it will allow you to look younger than their years. During the experiment, the women noted improvements in the skin after only three weeks after began every day to eat one mango.

The fact that mango helps the skin create and maintain collagen – the protein responsible for the ability to regenerate, tone, and elasticity. With age the body produces less collagen and this, in part, is the cause of age-related changes: wrinkles, sagging and looseness of skin. Mango also contains substances that contribute to the preservation of collagen, and therefore helps the skin to stay supple and smooth.

Mango contains vitamins A, b, C, D, E, sucrose, glucose, xylose, fructose, phosphorus, iron, calcium, carotenoids and antioxidants. So it will be useful not only for those who want to look younger. In particular, other studies showed that the mango helps with constipation and problems with metabolism. Also, this fruit is good for those who often experiences stress – it contains a lot of vitamin B6, which has beneficial effects on the nervous system and helps to calm down.

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