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Today’s post will tell you how to stay in the loop and not lose interesting posts.

We have many ways of subscriptions to the new publication, and in addition recently appeared tools with individual setting of notifications about posts and messages. ????

Let’s start with the new!

If you use Telegram messenger, available to you most detailed settings of the subscriptions 🙂

News in telegram channel

We changed the channel in the Telegram — now there is duplicated the posts from the news section. To stay up to date with the latest events and read information about them first, subscribe to the channel @kosmetista_ru.

Notification via telegram-bot

For those who can not only be satisfied with the news, we have created a bot-assistant!

Registered users Cosmeticly

@KosmetistaBot able to send notifications:

  • all the posts that came out on the main
  • posts in accordance with your settings on the website
  • private messages and tickets in the intercom system

If you have an account on the website, the bot can send you the posts from the main page. Therefore urgently check ???? to access full functionality. Bot Kosmetische — very handy ????

What you need to do to use the bot

Click on the link above or click on the picture of the bot. If you have installed Telegram, you will be taken to the settings page of the bot and follow the instructions of the bot.

To change the settings of the bot in your account settings.

We’ll continue with a resource that is recently gaining popularity — Yandex.Zen. You can subscribe to our page and get a new publication in a special section on the main page of Yandex. The Zen has a mobile app.

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If you look in the social network several times per day, you can be a convenient way to subscribe to pages and groups Cosmetici: Vkontakte, Facebook, Classmates or Twitter.

Fans of news aggregators can use an RSS feed.

  • To add the. in to Feedly, go to our page and click Follow.
  • To add a post feed in Inoreader, click on the banner below, copy the link from the address bar and paste it in the reader: subscriptions—add subscription—paste the RSS link and add feed.

In the App Store and Google Play has free mobile apps for both e-readers and many other options to your taste 🙂

For all questions and suggestions please contact us in the feedback system.

R. S. Very soon we will be back with a story about the updates on the website, which the most attentive could notice and try and tell you about the upcoming conference!

Have a nice day! And stay beautiful ❤

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