Do pretty face palette for sculpting the gums Contouring Palette Pour Le Visage Mariniere (shade 01)


In winter, it’s time to think about summer, sea and transform their skin, which lacks natural looking tan. I saw in the shop palette for contouring Vivienne Sabo Mariniere – and her skin shone quite differently!

Open the package, reminiscent of the vest, and see it 3 different products in 3 cells: blush, highlighter and bronzer.

Without a highlighter on weekdays I sometimes do, although if you don’t get enough sleep or were exhausting trip, it helps greatly. The skin “highlights”, very gently gleaming. Particles, apparently, fine. The glow turns moderate. Apply on the upper lip, under eyes and have a go on top of the cheekbones.

Leather photo without funds from palettes the palette (natural light) was Applied over the lip a little highlighter on the cheekbone, sculptor and blush. Under the eye maybe more had to be applied With a palette (natural light)

No bronzer at all not like your face – it helps to adjust the shape, makes the image more elegant. Gives a matte finish. I’ve always envied the makeup on the cover – so, this contouring allows you to get closer to more professional techniques in make-up, which in itself is interesting and the effect is very like me in the end.

Blusher eyeshadow palette No. 01 interesting shimmer from pink to purple in the light but when applied to the cheekbones, they slightly change color, while still beautiful. And I personally think that there is a little bit “metallic” sheen. The species was not cheap mother-of-pearl, even hard to describe. This is a must see) But I wish they were more saturated, and then long layering necessary. For bright girls, it’s probably not a problem, and once satisfied with the tone.

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The quality is excellent. Do not fray, the texture is soft, velvety, light smell, there is some cosmetic. Clearly even it is not clear, but certainly no cloying and disturbing flavor palette exude. And yet it is uplifting, reminding us of summer.

Pros: lovely shades overall, beautiful lights, good feathering

Cons: the Blush could be more prominent, not suitable for all skin tones

Overall impression: a score of 4 out of 5 (but I recommend in General)

Price: 400 RUB.

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