Do you have a beard? Beauty gift guide on February 23


Prince Harry

For more than 100 years, we traditionally celebrate the Day of defender of the Fatherland — February 23. If you don’t want to break your head over what to get your loved men — father, husband, son, brother, and co-workers, then scroll our beauty gift guide, inspired by Prince Harry and his beard (no shaving foam, socks and colognes)!

Prince Harry, like his wife Meghan Markle, creates trends. If girls are buying dresses, lipstick and jewelry, as at the Duchess, the young people grow beards, as the grandson of Elizabeth II. According to a report from research firm IRI, for the last three years of the sale funds for the care of the beard in this country jumped by 226 percent! Only 2018 on oils and balms to care for facial hair UK residents spent five million pounds (about seven million dollars), of which British intelligence concluded that the fashion for beards has been booming.

Prince Harry has grown a well-groomed red beard in 2015 from this year, is counting down the upsurge of interest in the means to care for a beard. If you thought this trend in the past, then think again, says the Telegraph, Chloe Humphrey page, who heads the IRI group on decisions in the sphere of retail trade in the field of beauty and health.

Chloe adds that popular is not thick overgrown beard, and a neat and tidy style of Prince Harry. In anticipation of the February 23 talks about the most proper means to care for facial hair.

Universal styling pack with trimmer, Braun MGK 3080 (5 590 rubles).

Braun MGK 3080 is a real mnogostanochnikov. It seems that he can do everything: haircut (he has two nozzle-crest, who provide 13 accurate length settings in increments of two millimeters), trim my beard, and remove unwanted hairs from nose and ears.

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The gadget automatically adapts to any voltage from 100 to 240V — it works with almost any point of the planet (travelers and those who often goes on business trips, will be delighted).

What’s especially nice trimmer can be safely used in the shower, super acute blades with an unlimited life is not threatened. The kit also includes the Gillette Fusion ProGlide, superfluous will not be!

Trimmer WAHL Stainless Steel (10 800 rubles)

The easiest way to quickly clean up the beard, like the hair but trim it. Make it easy with a wireless trimmer WAHL Stainless Steel with a stainless steel case.

A choice of eight nozzles and a variety of options, from hair cutting to edging of beard and mustache, and even hair removal in ear and nose. Heavy duty battery provides up to four hours of continuous operation — with this assistant your defender no need to worry about constant charging and to take time to enjoy the care of the beard.

Shaving brush Badger Shaving Brush The Art of Shaving (about 10 thousand rbl.)

In the range of brands you can find a razor with a handle made from horn of Buffalo, leather make-up bag and even a cube of alum (that white stone antiseptic, which you have to dip in water and apply to scratch).

If no to all of the above you can safely do, then, perhaps, the most necessary thing is the shaving brush for shaving. Yes, the price bites, but I assure you, this brush with natural bristles of the badger will last its owner a lifetime if stored in a dry place and regularly cleaned (thoroughly rinse the brush after each use and store on the stand with the bristles down). Good investment!

Cleanser “Kalamazoo”, Lush (720 rubles).

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The bearded man of the North, crowned at the Liverpool Festival bearded, Lush expert in the field of mens care, Michael O’brien, knows a lot about caring for the beard, hair and skin. He is convinced that the best way to start your day is to wash my face using cleanser “Kalamazoo”.

Fresh pineapple juice, rich in enzymes, overcome the mud, almond oil, jojoba and cupuacu (a tropical tree) make the skin soft and citrus scent to help you Wake up no worse than espresso.

The of beard oil Tobacco Vanille Conditioning Beard Oil-Tom Ford (3 710 rubles).

Thanks to the combination of oils of grape seed and vitamin E, this tool not only softens the beard but also helps to avoid itching as well as favorite fragrance Tom Ford. We are big fans of musky Tobacco Vanille, but if you are looking for something more suitable for spring and summer, choose fresh Neroli Portofino. And he Tom Ford (winner of a dense vegetation) uses a special comb for beard.

Soothing after shave gel for irritated skin Post Shave Repair Gel, Kiehl’s (2 110 RUB.)

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A set of “timeless classics”, L’occitane (5 990 RUB.)

Don’t want to wrestle with what to give your boyfriend, brother, dad or friend? Then there is nothing easier than to buy ready-made gift set. “Timeless classics” from L’occitane its name is fully justified and includes all the necessary products that need a man to make it look and feel the best: gel for bath and shower (not travel-size and full-size), after shave balm, soap and toilet water. All with a spicy aroma of lavender and black pepper.

Collection of funds on skin care Brews, Redken

In 1967 one of the first Redken have launched a range of professional male grooming. This year, the brand has released a new line of Brews malt-based. By the way, about beer recalls not only the composition but also the bottles-bottles made from recycled plastic.

In addition to shampoos, paints, fills the gray hair in just five minutes, and styling products in the collection includes shaving cream, oil for beard and skin (with avocado oil and olive oil) and aftershave balm a light texture.

Products for the care of beard and hair line of phenoMENal, got2b (415 rbl.)

Fashionable beard, manly stubble or a neat mustache will be pleased with the products from the line are phenoMENal. The choice: of beard oil, shampoo and cream for styling.

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