Dona Jerdona Sugar paste shugaring dense. When something went wrong.

*naobzor*I’ve been practicing sugaring at home. Use mostly dense pastes for manual techniques. Already having positive experience with pasta manufacturer Dona Jerdona I ordered another jar of the most dense of the paste, which was in stock.

So, the Bank weighing 600 g. Quite soft pliable plastic membrane between the cap and the neck of the banks, which firmly stuck to the lid during transport.

Paste dark color of burnt sugar smells candy.
Information from the manufacturer:
Sugar paste “don Gardona” 100% natural product is made up of glucose, fructose, water, and natural lemon juice. Does not contain perfumes or chemical additives, so it is suitable for all skin types, even very sensitive and prone to allergies.Method of application:Before the procedure, treat the area with a lotion or gel, apply a small amount of talc. With little effort, hand shape ball to center banks and separate it, knead in hands to body temperature (when you wear gloves, you need to pre-heat the pasta in to help melting wax faster) then distribute the ball against the hair growth evenly. Take a sharp movement of the hand parallel to the skin for hair growth. The lump is reused until will not lose its elasticity (the remains of the sugar paste on the skin can be easily washed off with water or remove with a damp cloth).
Recommendations:To work in heated premises, as well as for masters, with hot hands. For those who are just beginning to learn chiropractic technique.
Note: ensure that the pasta does not get foreign substances (water, dirt, etc.), otherwise it will be ruined! For 12 hours before waxing cannot be processed skin oils or creams so as to grip the paste with a hair and the desired effect is not achieved. It is IMPOSSIBLE to heat the sugar paste in the microwave, as the pasta can lose its elasticity and come into disrepair, there’s also the risk to overheat the paste and injure the skin. In General, the standard rules and methods of application. I chose a thick paste due to the fact that in the summer are in a very warm country and indoor temperature is greater than the 20-degree threshold. But the first time opening the cover I realized that something is wrong. A thick paste and needs to be tight, sorry for the tautology. She should not be transferred from one end to another in five minutes after the position change banks, it is not so easy to pick up with one fingers. But it’s not about the heroine of the post. Look at the following photo:

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It is very pliable, the Bank is easily deformed, and the paste can leave a mark with your finger rather mediocre power of the press. So I have not yet encountered. A dense paste of other manufacturers does not allow this.
But as alternatives I have at the moment weren’t and there was time to design a new order and have it waiting, I decided to use what we have, the more was not at home. I must say, for manual techniques pasta came – stuck after two iterations, spread out and stick together your fingers. Usually for processing one calf is enough for me toothpaste the size of a walnut, well, a maximum two. With this paste you need to constantly change the piece to a new one. Unable to withstand such abuse, I got ribbon for hair removal and has continued with them. Of course, with the removal of the hairs pasta copes perfectly, no need to repeat the procedure several times in one place. She captures even the fine fuzz. But consumption! It’s just rashodima. Usually one bottle is enough for me almost for six months. Banks don Jerdone I had enough for two applications which included lower leg, bikini and underarm.
Irritation or the appearance of any tit it did not cause, but so-so the pros provided a huge selection of special tools for their minimization.

Cost: 618 R.
Rating: 3—-

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