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Comfortable and fun 🙂

The American-Korean brand Double Dare specializiruetsya on accessories that make our beauty treatments more comfortable and more enjoyable 🙂 And the photos on the beauty pages of fun and colorful 🙂

In a review of several such devices. Let’s take a closer look 🙂

Double Dare I. M. Buddy Mini Black

Brush massage for the face, in the color “Black”

Bilateral silicone brush to massage and cleanse the face.

Bristles with two sides of different lengths.

This is a side with short bristles, which give more powerful exfoliation and are suitable, for example, for exfoliating the lips or the treatment of severe peeling on the wings of the nose.

Is the side with relatively long bristles, it is designed for the entire face.

And that’s not all. The base of the brush is also embossed with stiff fingers. They can do something like acupuncture massage for removing clip from facial muscles, for example.

Even long bristles, the brush is not soft, they are supple and the face is not stroked, and massaged it, removing all the peel. The intensity of the impact is governed by the pressing force.

I used the brush in the cleansing process for jelly. Ie usually in the morning.

Put the milk and circular massage, moving upwards, massage the face.

Chose a comfortable pressing force, in some places stronger, in some weaker.

Though the bristles are firm, but not prickly, rounded, skin do not scratch.

But peeling (and my tretinoin has them) shoot great. Moreover, they like roll it (well, there is my circular motion likewise ask effect).

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And pores on the nose, this massage good cleans fibers mechanical soften and remove blackheads.

The side with the short bristles really scrubit lips, they are still more voluminous after the massage work.

The schema for the acupuncture massage find, tried to put pressure on points on the eyebrows delicately, just as it is necessary for the effect. But not yet gathered the nerve to introduce it on a permanent basis in a routine 🙂 But intend to.

The brush is easy to clean, I wash immediately with plain soap. Dries quickly.

Stable, is on the shelf in front of the mirror and did not fall. Always in sight, always at hand.

The color palette is large, mostly pastel shades, and now the new black.

Overall, a very handy thing, ergonomically the right size and shape. Peeling relieves, helps to keep pores clean. Very easy to clean and operate.

Price 1390 RUB

Otsenka 5!

Double Dare I. M. BUDDY Black

Brush massage silicone body color “Black”

Brush for washing and body massage.

One side with soft, fine bristles, which are cut in an inclined plane, it is very convenient, as it turned out, we usually brush at an angle to the body is kept, and oblique cut brush this angle compensates. Very well thought out.

The other side is hard to massage.

Oh! Long ago I was looking for something like this.

The fact that I like hydrophilic oil to clean body. They are not foam, they need to be applied by hand to wet the body, they immediately transformed into milk. This lotion softens dead skin cells and cleanses the skin. But it is necessary to have something to massage, and not just rinse with water. And here starts the dance.

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Normal washcloth as if it gets stuck in this jelly, is picking it up at the skin is tight.

A brush with natural bristles — almost the same story.

And when I saw this silicone thing, I thought: Bingo! Here it is!

Silicone does not absorb anything, and side with fine bristles gently massages the skin. Just what you need for a cleansing milk or hydrophilic oil. This side is not rubbing, and gently stroking that completely fits into the concept of a cleansing oil.

And if you want it rough, and even with cellulite, there is a side with solid bumps that prominet body thoroughly. But this side is not unique, frankly, such a massage brush on the market, but the fine silicone bristles wash is a novelty.

Brush ergonomic, comfortable in the hand. Not slippery in the tub falls.

Dries quickly, you can simply wipe it with a towel and it’s dry. This, incidentally, is a great option for travel.

The color palette is too large, and too, mostly pastel shades and black here.

In General, a useful thing turned out as I had hoped, I am very happy with it.

Price 1590 RUB

Otsenka 5!

Double Dare OMG! Hair Band — Purple

Bow-bandage for fixing hair in the color “Lavender”

A very useful thing in the cosmetic sector.

Elastic wide headband made from soft fluffy fabric.

Great stuff. Holds hair firmly, even heavy head to lift.

A broad, opens the neck, lifts hair away from the shoulders and back.

The fabric is fluffy and pleasant to the skin, when it applies, but it is important that the fabric does not slip and not running from the hair during fixing.

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Bow funny. Feel a bit Mikhalkova 🙂

This blindfold I have not yet washed, but I had stuff of the same fabric, they are easily washed out of conventional detergents, but in this case, probably better by hand.

In General, the working patch, fix well, keeps the hair securely, opens not only the face but also the neck, non-slip.

Price 890 RUB.

Rating 5

All these accessories are not dummy, all work horses for daily use.

That’s literally all this every day, and sometimes twice a day, use.

Facial brush use every morning to massage the lips, for the face as needed, usually obtained through the day.

Brush for a shower every day 🙂 more Precisely, every morning, I prefer it in the morning gentle cleansing hydrophilic textures.

Well, the bandage twice a day, because cleansing easier when the hair is removed. Well, the mask I do it every day different do…

There is only one caveat — the price. But then it is difficult to comment, we all have different wallets.

Girls are familiar with accessories Double Dare? What are your impressions?

Thank you for your attention to my review! I’m Vera 🙂

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