Double Dare OMG! Pulling gel kit – hot

Today we will talk about the set consisting of peeling gel to remove the blackheads and massage of the brush used for the same purpose. Each of the kit components can be purchased separately.

1. Double Dare OMG! Pulling Gel

2. Double Dare I. M. BUDDY mini

Peeling gel refers to the range of OMG!, all the products have a very bright colourful design. The set, due to the attractive design is a great gift.

I failed to convey in photos, so I will tell in words, what matte box and the photos of the tube, brush and berries on the nose of the model is glossy. Looks original and stylish. The size of the box, by the way, is quite compact — 18 cm x 10 cm x 4 cm Inside — velvet substrate on which the gel and the brush.

Despite a narrow illustration, the gel is designed to combat black spots throughout the T-zone.

  • Strawberry seeds — exfoliates, have an antioxidant effect, clean the pores
  • Glycolic acid (AHA) — exfoliates, brightens, refines skin texture
  • Papaya extract — exfoliates, tightens pores
  • Seed oil jojoba oil — moisturizes, reduces oiliness
  • Hyaluronic acid — moisturizes
  • Vitamin C — brightens, adjusts the PH, improves elasticity


The gel presented in the amount of 30 g, and is a full-size version (when you purchase the gel separately the volume is the same). Given the small consumption of resources and the recommended period for use (6 months) volume is optimal, more to spend in no time.

The neck is sealed with foil.

The peel is a thick sticky gel particles. The texture of honey.

Despite the abundance of particles and their apparent large size (this is the macro, the hand I also not so big :-)), they are soft and not felt.

After cleansing face gel apply and massage for 1-2 minutes. At this point in my moderately sensitive skin becomes noticeably hot. No heat and it’s hot. But “Oh, hurry to wash, can not tolerate” was never. If the use of the peeling is preceded by a slight cleansing (for example, on a day when you don’t have to wash away makeup in the two phases), the sensitivity of the skin just below, and then not hot, but warm.

The temperature increase provided to expand the pores to facilitate the penetration of cleaning ingredients.

Next is to wash away the gel with warm water or for maximum effect a couple of minutes work with the brush.

Brush is made of food grade silicone. The teeth located on both sides, and even the end of with teeth:

— long bristles to exfoliate and cleanse pores;

— short teeth for a more active cleanse. This party is suitable for exfoliating lips.

— the end — this is a stable foot and at the same time the teeth designed for face massage.

Difference in the long and short teeth I felt, both sides are working equally well. I like the pointy shape of the brush, this part is convenient to work near the wings of the nose. In the peeling lips I have no needs, but I can imagine that with a weak press is possible. Work end I also appreciated only from the point of view of stability of the device (steady!), massage didn’t do, because no circuits the manufacturer is not suggested, and for the initiative in this matter leather not say thank you.

But the cleansing brush I liked. And I use it not only with peeling, but with a foam cleanser. With regular use T-zone is becoming noticeably cleaner.

I should add that the brush handle has a slightly curved shape. All of this ergonomic design is thought over to trifles, it is both effective and easy to use.

The manufacturer recommends to use the set 1-2 times a week. And that advice is worth listening to. After seeing the first results (decrease in the number of black pixels and smoothing the terrain on the treated areas), I use both tools every other day. In the end the skin is red and was peeling (I was too zealous on the chin). When the skin has calmed down, I went back to the manufacturer’s recommended regime, which turned out to be optimal.

Conclusion: the gel and the brush a good clean, T-zone, and smooth out the terrain, due to exfoliation to Polish the skin and give it radiance.

Period of use: 2 months

Set price: 2490 roubles (if purchased separately, brush — 1390 roubles and gel – 1390 rubles)

Rating: 5

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