Drain brush Riche, and my honest impression (inside the proof of purchase by me)

I understand that reviews on cosmetics and accessories Riche often not credible, as they are sending bloggers, all worth decent money, the instagram brand girls flaunt perfect skin and elastic priests, and we also want it all! Cosmetics are frowned upon (don’t see the certificate, complete the structures, and hard-hitting comments girls wash). Had read that the brush is very hard, and I wants one.

The brush came in a big box in bubble tape inside the bags with air. Brush itself is Packed in a canvas bag on the puff. Inside IT.

In the comments to the post about the mask OMG I wrote that the mask most likely was provided for testing and my review is too enthusiastic and tick “testing” is not checked. Avoid omissions and doubts, you want to make) is Not the testing, not the order, not paid for by anyone. This is my offering to the Goddess Smooth Skin 😑

Huge brush for dry massage. For a long time, I mean squinting at a silicone serum brands that promised perfect skin, a friend got stubborn acne. But the brush is really a miracle.

Of very high quality wood (beech), while the wood is not coated, but very smooth and to the pain is impossible. The handle lies comfortably in the hand without slipping. Bristles — long, thick, with smooth cut, huge areas, far more female glance. Each bristle is very thick and elastic. Fiber cactus, as stated by the manufacturer. On the hand loop, can be hung on the hook. The first application fell a couple of lint and all.

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For comparison, I put my, as I thought, very stiff brush for the body. I tried separating “goosebumps” on his shoulders. If my brush from the store “Crossroads” hard, I didn’t know the realities of this world.

Brush Riche hard really, and it’s good! If little I would 40 minutes to RUB the shoulder, and it didn’t even blush. And then… you Spend a few times without pressure, and body nicely lit, there is a rush of blood. Most importantly, without fanaticism — in the reviews wrote that it is possible to scratch the skin. I don’t know — is that sooooo much pressure and rubbing. But who in their right mind is so self-loathing?

Shows how much different the pile. How it is tightly Packed in the brush Riche and how pathetic and skinny. Now I understand, what is the area of contact of the skin with bristles 😄 No comparison.

Sorry for the detail, with shoulders strewed white dust, and this despite the fact that with a small brush, I did not leave and scrubs are my eternal friends. With regular use “goose bumps” comes to naught. When trying to get rid of it since puberty and it turns out first, then I look at all this as a litmus test in chemistry! For 2 days I have smooth shoulders! If someone is familiar with the concept of “goose skin” on some parts of the body, you know what I mean. Feel it can only be tactile. On photo is normal skin.

Well, with cellulite the civil war is almost all my life and it is necessary to slightly relax, here he 😅

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About getting rid of cellulite — for sure, it is a good helper. Coupled with correct food, sports, scrubs. But what she did with the skin — otherwsie to nearly perfect smoothness and softness… Plus all the lotions and oils are absorbed much better.

I would advise to use a brush only for dry massage. That is not to wet. The tree is good, but it is still wood and can turn black, crack, crack.

To sum up:

  • great stiff brush that performs the promises exfoliation and massage, skin smooth
  • made of quality materials
  • all the other brushes with natural bristles are not even close
  • can serve as a good gift

Price: 1600 rubles excluding delivery. But there are discounts!!

Rating: 5+++ (performs its functions)

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