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Hello, readers!

About drybrushing was heard for a long time, but in any way hands did not reach: pregnancy-birth… and so the circle three times. But sooner or later came the day X when I see my reflection in the mirror and realize you’re not as good as before. And so my day came.

Remembered about the beautiful technique of drybrushing (massage with a dry brush), and it is necessary for the brush, which I was not. Buried in the Internet in search… to be Honest, my choice, I first stopped at the famous brush from Riche, but turned up a good campaign, and I got the brush MIXIT.

Cellulite dry body brush MIXIT

Brush lying in the cotton (if I am not mistaken, but still feels like a dense burlap) a case with a handle that is insanely easy to store it in the bathroom because the cover keeps the hair from humidity. You can easily hang on the hook and live in peace without worrying about its safety.

Brush itself is quite long, you can reach the desired sites on the body. Comfortable to hold in your hand does not slip.

At the end of the handle embossed brand logo and FSC (Forest stewardship Council). Also have lace, which is also convenient to hang the brush on a hook.

The composition of brush-natural — constructed from oak, and the pile fibers from the Mexican cactus. And the look of the brush speaks for itself, confirming its genuineness.

The brush body is smooth, no jagged or rough edges. All carefully processed. But, I want to note that the body does not salacin, wood felt, which makes the procedure even more enjoyable.

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The pile is densely Packed. Pretty hard to use. Owners of delicate and sensitive skin, I recommend the softer version.

The brush I bought about 4-5 months ago, I use almost every day (sometimes lazy) as you can see, the pile is not much affected during this time. Drenched once, cleaned brush baby soap — I don’t know, so it is possible or not. But I did, and not much change noticed.


My skin: after a few genera have lost their tone, there is sagging, but strongly expressed by cellulite does not have stretch marks too (saved Shilajit and olive oil).

The use of brushes in the technique of drybrushing: it is advisable to use it daily to achieve noticeable results. Basically, do almost. Sometimes miss, severe fatigue knocks out any desire for anything at all.

Dry (!) the skin starting at the feet and gradually rising up to my knees I gently rubbing dry (!) brush. Movement from the bottom up to the knees. My problem areas are thighs and buttocks. Above the knees begin to massage in a circular motion with greater effort — exerting. Buttocks rubbing straight from the heart)

Also massaging the abdomen, arms and back, but at a moderate pace, so as not to damage the skin. And special problems in these areas of the skin have not. By the way, copes dry brush with goose skin on the hands was tested at 100%. For several months, as I do not suffer this problem — the skin is perfectly smooth after the massage.

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On average, massage it takes me about 10-15 minutes. Problem areas spend more time. Here is the skin after the massage — a slight reddening. But if you have redness more pronounced — limited to recommend less time.

After the massage take a warm shower, well-straberry the skin. Then the favorite oil or body lotion.

What made?

A few months use dry brushes for massage appliances drybrushing, I have identified several positive aspects:

  • dry brushing is a great help in the fight against cellulite (who have) and for its prevention (my case). My skin is noticeably tightened, there is certainly not the same, but the tone.
  • Prevents ingrown hairs — my old problem. I prefer a razor and ingrown hairs for me a painful end. But dry brushing well prevents their appearance. Before shaving your legs and I’ll pass the brush on the legs. The result is great! Silky feet until the next shave!)
  • Soft skin after a massage — it’s bliss! Moreover, massage is a cumulative effect — each time the skin feels better and softer. Brush actively exfoliates dead layer of cells, whereby the skin is flattened.

Really want to emphasize that in no case do not use a brush on wet and just steamed skin — you’ll only make things worse, damaging the skin. And of course using a dry brush has a number of contraindications, I recommend to read them before buying.

I’m really pleased with their brush suits me on all parameters. Promises regularly performs — what else to expect?) I hope she continue to serve me faithfully!))

Term of use: more than 4 months

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Price: 1495 RUB.

Rating: 5/5

Thank you for your attention! Be beautiful always and everywhere))

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