Dry massage and my main disappointment of the year – massage brush Riche


I work as a fitness instructor and struggle for a beautiful body — this is my way of life.

Extra weight I have never had any, but my complexion is far from ideal. After the second birth, I noticed that the skin became less elastic, the thighs appeared cellulite. To deal with these issues, I decided with the help of body wraps and dry massage.

Know what is important in a dry massage? Is to choose the right brush. It should be of high quality and safe — the bristles should not fall out, fade and injure the skin. Having read so many positive reviews, I chose massage brush Riche.

Made this beauty of completely natural materials — the basis of beech or oak (there are two options for brushes), bristles from Mexican cactus. Eco-friendly and it’s great!

Bristle quality. The first application fell just 10 of the bristles and all. It never happened again. If the bristles fall out and then only slightly, as I do not notice.

Bristles are tough enough. But the skin does not injure even under strong pressure. I also liked that for the two months of almost daily use, it is not deformed and the bristles are not sticking out in different directions. You propose to evaluate the condition of the working surface of a photo:

The brush has a rope on the handle, ideal for storage, large work surface and the brush is very comfortable to hold in hand and do massage.

Everything would be fine, but podido this brush quality. Frankly, before the first application brush I soap. Just wiped it with a damp cloth. In the same way I have cleaned after each use. And now after 7-10 days from the beginning of its use, I decided the brush to wash it. Did everything according to instructions — dried bristles down. And that’s what I saw the next day after I cleaned the brush:

The brush I throw it out, continue to enjoy to this day. The crack continues to diverge, but it doesn’t happen quickly. Care brush is now carried out only with a damp cloth. Though the massage itself and the functionality of the brushes I like and the effect is, but to recommend this brush, I can’t.

Size: 39 cm.

Country of origin: Russia.

Price: 1590 roubles.

Time of use: two months, almost every day.

Rating: 3.

Thank you for your attention!

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