Dyson focuses on market devices for hair styling

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Dyson focuses on market devices for hair styling with the help of his new device Dyson Airwrap Styler worth about $ 500. The new unit offers innovative technology to give hair forms using directed air flow.

British manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, Dyson made a second attempt to strengthen his positions in the market of beauty industry with the help of the device for styling hair, which has been developed for the formation of curls, ringlets, making styling no special heat treatment of hair.

Dyson Airwrap Styler uses a phenomenon known as the Coanda effect, which determines a particular direction of air flow. In particular, high-speed jet of air is attached to the surface of the device, which thus contributes to the Curling or straightening hair with minimal thermal impact.

Recall that in 2016 the ultrasonic dryer from the same company made our top cosmetic innovation. Dyson, founded by entrepreneur James Dyson in the 1990-ies and is known for its innovative vacuum cleaners, is one of the most successful production companies in Europe over the last three decades.

It should be noted that entry into the market of a hair dryer from Dyson, Mr Dyson, was a resounding success. “We are managing air flow for 25 years. Using the power of the Dyson digital motor, we have developed a unique tool for styling hair, which prevents severe damage from thermal effects when laying”.

Last year the owner of the company said that he managed to earn for the year of 1.05 billion U.S. dollars. Mr Dyson, who is currently working on its first electric car, noted that the development of a device for laying Airwrap Styler took six years of development and 31.4 million dollars.

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Device for Curling Dyson Airwrap Styler will be available in two versions: standard for $ 500 and extended, which includes all the accessories for $ 550.

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