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Today I propose to look at 7 tools cosmeceutical brand Skin Icon and to inquire, what new and interesting things it offers))

Icon Skin recently on the Russian market, the brand has 2 main lines to care for different skin types:

  • Re: Program for oily, combination and problematic;
  • moisturizing Hydro Matrix for normal and dry.

In General, the problem with capricious skin prone to rashes, I was curious to try products from the line Re: the Program.

According to the manufacturer, this comprehensive system of care based on the standards of Japan for the treatment of acne, oily skin and normal skin, prone to fat, and affects all parts of the pathogenic processes of inflammation, keratosis, oily skin, enlarged pores, and blackheads. It also focuses on the safe use of: the products of the brand does not contain antibiotics, hormones, silicones, mineral oil, does not cause clogging of pores.

Research and technology, France and Japan, manufacture — Russia.

In the line of Re: Program there are 3 systems of care: each includes set of products, based on the individual needs of problematic skin.

My set — “Perfect skin 360°” (travel-size), which consists of 7 products for a complete treatment:

  • enzyme emulsion for the face;
  • enzyme cleansing powder;
  • ultra-activator (lotion with high content of assets);
  • day cooling fluid mattifying effect of powder and medicinal properties;
  • a night of “magic” serum;
  • the astringent and germicidal wow-mask;
  • 11% of innovative peeling-cocktail (suitable for summer use).

Frankly, at first I was a little skeptical about the loud promises of the manufacturer. Here still such moment — you know, I always confuse the promises of super revolutionary care simultaneously with crookedly pasted labels on the packaging… ))

But I was wrong. None of the products set I can’t call bad or a failure, and some tools just exceeded my expectations!

I used the set for 6 weeks and now will try to tell in detail about each product within the system.

1. Enzyme emulsion for the face

Creamy foaming emulsion based enzymes (papain and bromelain) and a cocktail of acids.

The packaging is not very convenient, since the emulsion has a very liquid texture, and often through a rather wide hole pours out more than you need.

The emulsion is very gentle, has a discreet sweet fruity smell.

For washing, requires quite a bit of funds, it is quite good foam.

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Use it morning and evening, (if applied the tone — take it off first product, the second step is emulsion).

Skin, the skin becomes very clean, smooth and soft, aftercare absorbs a Bang. And most of all I appreciated that the skin is not dry after washing, there is no feeling of tightness, no redness, the emulsion is really soft.

The estimate of 5, would love the full version.

As a mask for a deeper cleanse I didn’t use it for this, I adapted enzyme powder.

2. Enzyme powder cleanser

Enzyme powder is a fine powder milky color. Upon contact with water, the powder dissolves quickly and completely, turning into a creamy substance. In principle, anyone familiar with Korean enzyme powders, he knows this form of purification.

Enzymes dissolve the layer of dead cells, provides a gentle, but intensive cleaning of the skin, evens tone and relief, stimulate the renewal and regeneration of cells. Grind the skin and give it a deep cleansing. Increase the bioavailability of the funds, which are applied after cleansing.

The smell of the same sweet fruit as the emulsion.

Using as needed, in the evenings, for extra cleansing. Often use as a mask — dissolve the powder with water and keep on face for 2-3 minutes, then wash away. So skin becomes more smooth))

Powder Skin Icon is not inferior to the efficiency of Korean, but has one clear advantage: it goraaazdo softer and does not dry the skin. Only I can use safely as a mask. Consumption more than economical.

Rating: 5+

3. Cellular Ultra-activator

Ultra-activator combines the properties of a tonic and moisturizing essences, completes the procedure of cleansing, restores skin Ph and prepares it for follow-up care.

Looks like water, has no odor. Pour a little in your palm and pressing motion apply to the face and neck. Consumption, this means great, in my opinion, it’s been a month and a half, and I have almost completely flew 50 ml.

The skin after the use of an activator becomes a little more matte, feel cool (obviously, because of the menthol in the composition). Unfortunately, I have not noticed any pronounced effects on the pores in General and additional moisture.

Can’t call the vehicle a unique, on me it works as a high quality tonic.

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Rating: 4-

4. Innovative peel-cocktail 11%

The basis — mandelic, salicylic and citric acid, the Ph of the product is 2.7.

Peeling provides atraumatic renewal of skin cells, does not require the use after any converters.

The manufacturer warns about possible tingling and hyperemia of the skin, but I have not watched even the first time. Maybe it’s because my skin got used to these acids, and I can’t abandon them even in the summer.

Peeling enclosed in a glass vial with a pipette. The substance itself is slightly viscous, but the skin is distributed without problems, and drying up, leaves the film.

I apply the peel for 10 minutes, then wash off with water and a soft sponge.

Peeling showed, it is well exfoliates dead skin particles and leaves the skin perfectly smooth. The next morning after peeling the skin — rosy, and elastic net))

Rating: 5.

5. Wow a cleansing mask for the face

The mask is clay-based, is designed to deeply cleanse and soothe the skin. According to the manufacturer, it has astringent, antibacterial effect, fights breakouts and blackheads, evens out skin tone.

The mask is green in color, has a slight herbal smell, creamy consistency. I liked the fact that it does not set firmly, like a normal clay mask and skin, but remains a bit plastic.

I used the mask twice a week, but the fact of the effect of “wow” didn’t notice))

Yes, the black dots are a little lighter, but that is exactly until the next day. For me, the mask was the same effect as the mask of common clay, where I add a few drops of essential oils on the issue.

In fairness, I note that you believe that this cleansing mask play an important role in the care and necessary in the complex fight against acne and rashes.

Rating: 4.

6. Matifying fluid

Another controversial tool for me.

Mattifying fluid with the effect of dust, haze, reducing inflammation and protecting the skin, has the property of control oily Shine.

The fluid is enclosed in plastic, dispenser — pump (convenient, by the way, gives as much as you need).

Can’t agree that it is a fluid, yet slightly firm texture, it is rather a cream.

Has a light beige tint, and if necessary slightly to even out skin tone and hide minor redness, it can handle it.

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The fluid has a strong minty smell, and when applied significantly cools the skin.

Mattes are really good!

And he has an extraordinary connection to the tonal resources, and you can be sure that important event tone will not budge throughout the day with oil blotting sheets do not need (found myself doing so a couple of times)).

However, for daily use fluid I use since noticed that it noticeably dries my skin out.

Perhaps girls with oily skin will appreciate it. I stopped on the mode of use “every three days” and special occasions when you need to tone stayed concrete.

Rating: 4.

7. A night of “magic” serum

This tool became my favorite))

Multicyclone serum is aimed at the regeneration of the skin, normalization of keratinization, and suppression of inflammation.

The main acid composition — almond and lactobinic, they are a large molecule and is absolutely noninvasive carry out a skin renewal.

The serum is packaged in a blue glass equipped with a pipette, and peeling. The texture is light, gel-like, whitish hue. Standard smell acidic and slightly bitter, but not nasty.

Use in the evening, in the early days — everyday now “Tues-Thurs-sat”.

Serum dries out, it lightens acne scars, makes skin tones look more uniform, dissolving the closed comedones and in General… it’s beautiful! Leather really shines, it’s clean, smooth, looks young and well-groomed.

Excellent stuff, I fell in love))

Rating: 5+++

In summary, I can say that the set as a whole has left a good impression.

For all time of use I have changed the quality of the skin, of course, for the better. New inflammation, quickly left the post-acne spots, the skin became cleaner and better.

Of course, some products I have “customized” care for themselves, but use each tool from the set, anyway.

There is a desire to continue the acquaintance with the brand, plans to try a booster for the restoration of the skin (ceramides, NUF, extracts of the resin of the Peruvian tree, canadian willowherb and so on.) and night substations powder (powder of silk, pearls, extracts of green tea, currants, etc.)

I’m sure survival will be interesting!

Thank you to everyone who has mastered the post)

Be beautiful! Natalia.

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