Eight stunning shades of highlighter from Makeup Revolution, or how not to go unnoticed in the new year night with Soph palette Highlighter Palette

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Good afternoon everyone!

The most magical night of the year is approaching… it’s time to talk about overclocked! 🙂

Talk about a bright, diverse palette, which like the pollen of unicorns and fairies, transform and highlight Your makeup on new year’s eve palette shimmers / highlighters from Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette Soph!

We all know that the sponge is the media that have a NEED and WANT!

Want and that’s it — so would have stamped her foot, got admired again… and put it in the casket — here we are girls!

Such a product as a highlighter, many do not pay enough attention, but in vain — after all, he can perfectly illuminate and highlight the cheekbones, tick over with a sponge to give the skin a healthy glow.

I, in turn, hilitary not just love — I love them, so I want to share opinion about another.

This palette I got back in November, but only now decided to tell about it:

Packing — delicate — pink-beige box is very fragile.

On the back there is information about the product. In Russian translation on the label, but in very very small letters.

Inside the boxes are plastic, strong enough box with transparent lid.

Open hard goodbye nails.

But under cap — 8 HUGE — I’d say — squares with different shades of highlighter.

I said nothing about the amount of product weight of each box is 2G. Because the highlighter was originally a very economical product is consumed it very slowly.

Smell — standard, light, powdery.

On the top line of highlighter includes 4 shades:

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Swatch on the fingers:

And feathered on the hand.

Under the light of the sun

Applied very liberally — tried to show the color.

From left to right:

1 — Cold, creamy and warm serebrynoy.

2 — Warm, milky, color of light warm milk.

Both are very free-flowing, dust is seen on the hand and arm.

3 — Warm, with an intense Shine, pure gold — I would call it too bright for povsednevku or carefully tulevat or use active make-up on tanned skin.

4 — interesting color — easy, satin gold. Very soft, absolutely not dusty, and is applied very gently



On the hand

In different lighting

1 — ooooooooooooochen interesting shade in the palette bright purple with gold — when applied it becomes translucent giving only a little Shine and color.

2 — cool purple, very dry in texture. Don’t like applying too dry, so the skin clings slightly and sparkle, in my opinion, turns out some cheap. As residents of the ‘ 90s.

3 — Intense copper-gold, very bright. I’d use more like the shadows or in the original stage make-up. The texture is soft, moves easily and the color and Shine.

4 — darkish, but you can shade so that on a tanned skin it will look good. The texture is a little dry, but not as a 2 tone. The color turns light Golden.

To wear behave well. Depending on the texture varies their resistance — I have a couple of hours, they become more faded, lost the main cast. But! Radiance remains in place.

In full makeup

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The palettes under different lighting conditions slightly change shade — I tried to convey as closely as possible:

Is it worth buyingfor pampering — definitely Yes — beautiful palette will adorn the dressing table, and you yourself will feel a little (or big) Princess!

For everyday use — hardly. A large palette easily fit in a purse. And so many shimmers / highlighters are not required in conventional makeup.

If you are an aspiring makeup artist or want to find a perfect shade of highlighter — this product is for you.

Price – 800 rubles.

Rating 4 of 5 (for durability)

Testing period — more than a month!

Thanks for stopping by — I’m Lena, you’re on to me 🙂

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