El Corazon – Volcanic haze 423/1121, 423/1122 and Shimmer 423/19

Hi, “Kosmetiktasche”!

This spring, many paint manufacturers have released a very interesting news. Most importantly, do not have time to determine which liked, then come out with new collection. Every nail deserves attention. But will those that from the first glance sunk into the soul of ecomaniac. All pictures are taken in daylight on a Nikon D300.

Are unable to look away from the collection of Volcanic haze. A complex combination of colors with a generous addition of ragged bronze mica. And it does not complicate the application. TKH varnishes is excellent. I chose two instances.

El Corazon – Volcanic haze 423/1121

Lilac-crimson covered varnish. In my opinion, the brightest shade in the collection. The two layers are aligned perfectly. Dried up quickly. The gloss is pleasant.

Given the filling, the varnish is absolutely smooth. The color is very cozy.

El Corazon – Volcanic haze 423/1122

Lilac covered with a drop of cashmere. Also in two layers. The application is excellent. The varnish dries quickly. Gloss does not cause problems.

To me it is very comfortable. The color is soothing. I think good copy for autumn manicures.

El Corazon – Shimmer 423/19

Updated and a collection of Shimmer. 423/19 unusual beauty of lacquer. In soft pink lavender blue shimmer base. In the distribution of nails is naughty. Covers evenly. The texture is obedient. For buildable coverage you need two layers, as I have. Not dries quickly. Its lustre is pleasant, but I would add top.

The shade associated with spring. There is so much tenderness and warmth of spring. Is perfect for summer manicures. The color associated with the morning freshness.

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Spring novelties impressed. However, the first two of varnish will be more useful in the autumn. Pleased with the quality.

All instances of put 5.

Each costs around 200 rubles.

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