Elegant simplicity Inspired Sigil: Stone Shaman, Friendly, First love, Sweetheart

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Good day to all. I want to tell you about a win-win basic shades of eye shadows Inspired Sigil. These shades are so easy to use that to cope with the application is easy.

Three absolutely obedient matte and one satin.

Stone shaman — looks tatty and gloomy in the jar, but the skin reveals a rare gray-brown tinged with Golden pink khaki. It is sometimes so difficult to find a suitable swamp-green color, and the Stone shaman is a godsend. Satin, but very easy to use, easy to apply, with a brush, a finger. If the brush to shake off, under the eyes of the crumb will not. But as with all loose shadows, better than the rest of the makeup applied after the shadows.

Honey — the cool cocoa with milk. The perfect taupe for the eyelid crease, lower eyelid.

First love — a warm light beige matte shade.On entire lid and highlight the crease, especially for potona yellowish skin. As a sculptor completely.

Cutie — cross between his First love and the Pussycat, plus the diluted milk, a completely neutral undertone. I think it will suit any skin tone and will make someone the perfect newdom. Sooooo similar to MAC next to skin ????

On all mobile eyelid Stone shaman, in the crease Friendly, on the lower eyelid Sweetheart and First love. Trying to get the skin Nice. (Pretty Easy eyeliner Clinique Liquid Eyelining Pen in brown, on top of the drop shadow Bobbi Brown Jungle)

Cute as a light sculptor:

On the basis of holding on to the bitter end can be removed with a micellar water, not contout the skin, does not dry eyelids. As a bonus — very nice price on the official website of 250 rubles. for sample (1 ml), 400 rubles. for use this product (2 ml). Even in the samples a lot of shadows, no one jar I have not yet ended.

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