Elongated Smokey eyes in warm mustard tones

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Diagram of a smokey eye is the most simple and common to construct a color makeover.

In this post I will show step by step makeup create + apply colors from the new collection Inspired Sigil.

1) Apply the base brown color to make it easier to navigate around the form. For this I mixed beige lipstick pigment from Makeup Revolushion and tint for eyebrows from NYX in the color chocolate.

2) Create a feather in mustard colours, ranging from yellow. and then he layering of mustard and orange. Yellow shadow NYX . Mustard and orange from the palette Lime Crime Venus II

3) is Applied to the upper and lower eyelids color Sigil Inspired Dancing with Snakes stuffed way. Shaded in a previously created border.

4) is Applied to the center of the century volume fluffy flat brush base for glitter and until it is fixed prikladyvaya movements with the point of saturation in the center of the plot the color Sigil Inspired Hostess Bottomless Backpack.

Mono makeup with the color of the mistress of the bottomless backpack

5) On the mucous apply black pencil, stretching of the lower eyelid under eyelashes. Fix all color Sigil Inspired Black Cat.

6. Apply to the inner corner color Sigil Inspired Numismatist.

Mono makeup with the color of the Numismatist

7. The final shaded borders, illuminated podrobnee space color Sigil Inspired Amber dust.

Sticking eyelashes/bundles and makeup ready.

I hope you are interested in new color in the palette Inspired Sigil.

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