Empty cans Dec-Jan

I love to finish the banks — that’s just fun getting. This year winter came fruitful in this regard — I cleared the shelves-drawers. A little more and it will be possible to load new. And yet — about successfully finished.

In General, these two months have marked not only the end of what I tell, but what has already been said — I finished sea buckthorn series of Cleon, a series of Anti-age, balms, some funds-the outsiders (spray, toner, itself with a pencil eyeliner and I just rasstalas mask), hand cream, serum, means OK, finished carcasses, patches, hair oil and nettle a series of Cleon hair (will explain later), the means for make-up remover (2 of the three, oil is yet to finish). In this period, I have something to be proud of. Most importantly, I almost never bought new. Dismantled there, I made a table and now I will finish off according to the expiration date. Especially the unopened pile that stands out. Now about raznosherstaya that was not included in the previously described.

1) Avon Planet SPA Care hair mask and steam hair Mask Unmatched power.

Plastic jars-yourself washer screw caps and diaphragms under them. And Oh, how difficult is it to remove these covers in the bathroom, and even with wet or soapy hands. Inside a thick dense mass by the green mask she’s green, and beige mask Ho Chi beige. The first smells of pine trees and pine needles, and the second spoiled vanilla — sweet, sugary and very strongly. With each use, the smell irritates me more and more. When the mask ended, I was really happy. Still, despite the fact that it works to stand the smell. If it hadn’t ended — I would have already thrown. At the end began to irritate enormously.

Paper membrane.

The mask, a steam room, non-transparent packaging and generally quite comfortable, if not cover in the bathroom. Have Unmatched power — transparent Bank. The first mask (green) I liked much more, it seems to me that the effect she powiazanie and to use it better.

Both masks for effects quite similar — easy to apply and distributed, work quickly and relatively easily washed off.

Most importantly — for what they were bought — that had been raided hair. This task masks perform. Anything other type of cumulative effect or care exposure should not wait. Only banal capricious combing hair. This is enough for me. For serious hair care and need more serious.

At the moment, for ethical reasons I decided to abandon the brand Avon in your care, so finish it and throw the empty cans. Green mask I already killed one, but the second another 1-2 times.

The consumption of masks the average — I have enough for about 8-9 times each with a thick short hair. Will not repeat. Perhaps a Russian bathhouse before and bought again, but not now. And Unmatched nutrition has such an unpleasant smell that even if it was the best mask in the world, I would have 10 times think.

Use: Nov.

Volume: 200 ml each.

Cost: 279 rubles each.

2) Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster .

Kurasovskiy drops to add to the sunblock I bought for a long time and it is time to say goodbye. About a year and a half, as over the expiry date, and used approximately 1/3, — I mean they were hardly remembered and used very rarely (last year or two, pushed away and forgotten). Good idea, good realization, but the sun I do not favor, the drops were almost useless. Zryashnoe purchase. Although, again, very convenient and practical thing for those who really need.

Convenient packaging in the form of a fuse, the rubber membrane-pipette. Add the cream a few drops (more in the beginning and less to maintain). Tan is a natural, important not to forget about the ears and wash hands.

Use: 09.08.14.

Volume: 15 ml.

Cost: something around 2 thousand

3) Lush, Juicy fruit. Massage tiles.

This tile I buy most often, especially in cold weather it is good. I bought this in August and forgot about it, used in December, to keep did not make sense. Tile is the most pleasant to my nose, is comfortable in the hand. Heat slightly in the hands, and when she nearly melted from the body heat, the paint on the calves, heels, hands and other atopic dry places. If you don’t overdo it, it is absorbed relatively quickly. I love the winter, but problems arise with the skin in the winter (summer too, but other character — much worse) is just a pain. in the truest sense of the word. Therefore, good hydration never hurts. Tiles good. And this sour-sweet flavor I just love it!

I worked for several years.

Volume: 50 oz.

Price: 580 RUB.

4) Mirolla onion Shampoo with extract of red pepper from hair loss.

Was purchased in the fall, when I was in a panic realized that hair began to fall out more than usual. Used, however, sluggish. Bank clear plastic with a tiny screw cap and all this small volume. Bottle tub is not particularly decorative drawings in the spirit of Soviet propaganda. The shampoo is quite runny, transparent brownish color, smells like shampoo quack-Quack, I think. I didn’t have one already 25 years old and I remember the smell of weak, but the feeling is that he — the good old tube flavor. Revitalizes and cleanses hair does not dry. Any special advantages were noted, but mild and pleasant to use. 150 ml is too little volume, shampoo I personally will last less than a month if used constantly. For about two weeks.

Costs: 99 RUB

Volume: 150 ml

Use: Oct.

5) Mark Avon Plump It Lip Gloss. Shade — Perfect Pout.


Approximately with the difference in half a year, a friend gave me two identical Shine. Completely the same. Glitter I almost never use (except Inglot, NYX, MAC, Clarens and I love see Givenchy). This seems at first glance and nothing is a thick, gel-like, transparent, and fairly simple on the lips. Could be worn instead hygienicke, superficially fully suit me. But no! It for some reason added burning component and that is the feeling of itchy lips is just unbearable! Given that I basically have allergies and that’s a feeling, but still voluntarily is beyond me. Had to part with both. I remember last summer I had the same situation with the maximizer — gave up in the end.

Cost: 150 rubles each.

Volume: 7 ml.

Used: a short time in the spring, summer and autumn.

6) Kim Natura Balzam za usne Lip balm Olive, Blueberry.

Wonderful Croatian balms. Oily, enveloping, fragrant. The winter was a godsend. A good smooth mechanism, reliable cover. Only the sticker is a bit overwritten. And so even in the dead of winter (we had -22 here, and in the region, and even colder), they handle and lip are in good condition. And all this from a deep South manufacturer. That’s a quality product. If it comes up again somewhere on vacation — be sure to take. And can safely recommend.

Cost: 35 kunas each.

Volume: 5 ml each.

Use: Oct.

7) L Oco Cockovo and Arganovo Ulje Ulje.

These little jars from Montenegro, I have quite long did not over — thick and rich oil was a good idea to take care of. I used it on hair and feet. Fragrant and very pleasant to use. Earlier in empty cans fall I talked about one oil, and now finished the rest. Generally in winter I like these options for the feet — they are the best. Creating on the skin a protective film, they allow to better retain moisture and reduce itching.

Cost: € 1.19 per bottle.

Use: since the end of August.

Volume: 100 ml in each.

8) Delicare Soap solid “snowflake”.

I understand that crazy to write about soap, Yes, which is sold almost everywhere. However, the mood is in the details. In the new year it was very popular. Home parties will be a little heartier if the magic meetings with friends dilutes accessories — Christmas wreaths to candle holders, wreath on the door, napkin rings with pine sprig, interesting devices. Even a simple soap, but in the shape of snowflakes in the bathroom add to the mood. I like to add these little touches. And the rest is the usual soap — foam, dry measure, gives a not very voluminous foam.

Cost: something around 50 RUB.

Use: single during the holidays for the entourage.

Volume: 75 gr.

9) Nivea Creme. Moisturizer (universal).

The cream in the blue jar is a classic. Remember it from irresponsible age. Now sometimes the new year comes in different banks. But the contents never dense fragrant rich cream that is completely absorbed. I hate this cream with all my heart. However, every new year, this cream magically I get. It appears in the collection of the gift, the colleague will present, sister or friend. The cream is not suitable neither for hands nor for what, to sense from it a zero. But in the bitter cold in the winter I put it on the Shin. Especially if you’re going the next day to spend time outside the city or if frozen. Then he makes his film the only good thing — protects the skin. Throughout the rest of this nasty cream bad enough that reprehensible. And yet — the fragrance. It is still amazing. Mom, milk, childhood and carelessness. Perhaps for this you can put it on the shelf — just for a sniff.

Cost: different, my gift, but this is 100 RUB.

Volume: different, my — 30 ml.

Use: this half of the year.

10) L’etoile Hydro Soothing Cucumber Pads Soothing patches for the face of the “gherkin”.

This thing was also in some sort of gift. At first I thought that the patches on the eyelids, then looked more closely and it turned out that for the face. Packaging with zip-Locke, but initially sealed. Inside the liquid, and 10 patches of non-woven material. Glue this thing on cleansed face and leave for 15 minutes. Then either they fall off or gently acclaim. The liquid feels sticky, and by itself and after solidification. I.e. before the makeover will not take it. In the evening, too, is somehow not up to them. So use a day when we are at home. Apparently, it was assumed this option is alternative to sheet masks (there is also often non-woven material). Easier to plan, that will suit any face that you can eat in the process (tissue masks). But the efficiency tends to zero, almost no moisture, and some shared sense of incompleteness. Only the stickiness. Strange tool, very strange. Perhaps on someone and running (youth?), but I don’t. Kept in the fridge.

Cost: 99, 5 RUB.

Quantity: 10 PCs

Use: 27.12.

11) Faberlic Orangerie Peony and Lily Scented soap.

In our country we have a stupid tradition of giving soap) Well if it was some sort of, it would be more interesting, but more often it is the simplest. In any team it happens. Mark I don’t really like, but it is what it is, I have never had anything. Soap lump is the usual, with rounded corners and tooled in a sealed package. Foams well, the smell of medium intensity, not the brightest. Of course, the ball on the Christmas tree I would love more, but the soap in the household is helpful, let it be.

This paragraph is corrected to the public is not worried. To offend his irony was not planned.

Price: 40 RUB.

Volume: 65 grams.

12) Good herb Massage, Organic facial Scrub of Ground herbs Chamomile powder meadowsweet.

Scrub brought sister said that it makes sense to try for the smell and in General it is delicate and soft — her skin is more dry and she loves it. Packaging plastic cap-twist, hole comfortable. In principle, quite convenient — the lid fits snugly and the water inside does not fall, as it often happens in the bathroom. Inside the gel is transparent and brownish-enabled particles. The scrub really is very delicate. So that I do not have the presence of bigger particles. Smells really nice — that’s the kind of smell I love in care flushable cosmetics. The scrub is pleasant to use but absolutely useless. Is that a bit of massaging the face. But in General no sense of it. Weak. I love something like MEMBER with apricot seeds. Although in the last few years I gave up scrubs in favor of Korean satok and they suit me completely.

Price: 69 roubles

Volume: 75 ml.

Use: since October or November.

13) Tosowoong Black-head Nose Pack

Korean nose strips for I take quite regularly. Across different brands. Usually the Koreans they are all good, so choose that discount or where more of the strips themselves. In this box — 8. On the box in English-I information, but detailed drawn instructions. Use all the same as usual. Wet nose, which was pre-cleaned and stick the strip to dry completely (10-15 min), to try much nostrils not to move until she wakes up. Then to move it from nose to remove. Content then, stay on the strip. Does it work? Works — do not buy for the first time. But it works with reservations. I take for my husband, he does not like manual cleaning, the pores it more narrow, but more problems. On the nose I use the strips, and then trimmed manually, if something is left. With regular use, the content almost never is. For me it does not work — I have wide pores, but I used to clean them manually and regularly, so any problems I don’t have to get strip, as a rule, simply nothing. As for domestic strips — they work worse. The composition, which is applied to the fabric at home — weaker, worse pulls, stronger stain, worse adjacent. Therefore, albeit slightly more expensive (sometimes, and sometimes comparable) and wait, but Korean is better.

Price: 170 rubles at a discount.

Volume: 8 PCs.

Use: 09.12.

14) Vivienne Sabo Liquid makeup remover, Eau de Violettes.

I bought before the new year set — wanted to try the mascara, but talk about make-up remover. It was a gift. Small plastic bottle with a screw and at the same time the flap lid — solid and reliable, very comfortable on the road. The jar is transparent with a purple hue. Because of this, colorless liquid the consistency of water appears purple. Separately, I note that the smell of the liquid is fantastic. It’s the smell of meteorites. And the meteorites most often, I either don’t smell at all, or, if new, have the aroma of rubber sponge. And then the smell of real meteorite. And a bit of sponge) Liquid I liked it — quite soft and well moisturizer. I had it for a few weeks — basically I corrected her morning makeup. Truth and to remove it in the evening this liquid I liked it — quickly, simply and easily, without drying out the skin. And it’s great in my opinion. I think to buy full size when I finish all their leftovers. Liquid make-up remover has left a good impression, and especially the smell of the meteor.

Cost: about 200 per set of ink.

Use: Dec.

Volume: 50 ml.

With a clear conscience, you can go and throw the accumulated banks. Something pleasantly surprised by something unpleasant, but I’m glad I got to finish long ago started and never buy new. Recently, some funds began to go in the bin even before it began — some stored in store means Avene was thrown out at the time quite new. Now I’m in the process of completing the Myrrh, some thick winter textures (Lancome here ahead of the rest), then Miko in the spring and you can go to Korea, good it works for me well, and summer is always full of surprises. And 8 serums 🙄 If you take up the matter seriously, the reserves to finish off actually, I’m almost convinced. It’s a shame to throw away new.

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