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December was not only fruitful for empty jars. It has been a very significant month in the understanding of the project-reduction of mega-reserves. In addition, I felt that the project not only organized my cosmetic shelf, he gave me incomparably greater. But first, according to tradition, on banks.

I have not had the increased flow of funds in December, just the beginning of the month I had virtually half-empty jars. To briefly describe the products, divided them in groups.

— A pair of Avalon Organics, American line, aimed at calming the irritated scalp, was one of the most useless to me. The scalp was not irritated by my feelings, but the trichologist insisted on the reverse, showing hellish images of my scalp on the monitor. Feels — shampoo nothing has changed, except that the air conditioner was not enough. My hair is to the shoulder blades, painted in blond, extremely liquid. Consumption of shampoo, small conditioner — horse with no apparent result. Unpleasant (for the winter) menthol chill… the Hair remained very thin and tangled after washing. Really understand the result when finished banks and got new — mass market Shiseido. Hair was washed two times less. That is, this shampoo and conditioner, in fact, soiled hair.

— A hairspray, bought in Letual Four Reasons, turned out to be a thoughtless purchase. Locks tightly, the hair does not weigh down. But very very dry. Happy to say goodbye to him…

— This small a sample size L’occitane really impressed me. First I noticed the smell. Not that he was the best… But he was so different from anything I have smelled recently, I’m impressed. The quality is also at altitude. Especially compared to the previous banks))

A small group of detergents for the body:

— L ERBOLARIO probes lovely. I have many fragrances of the brand, trying gels for the first time. Subtle flavors, delicate, gentle foam… I don’t read the compositions of these funds at least, well-known brands, but evaluate the result subjectively — winter, the skin can again, as before, to give a reaction of irritation in any detergent with aggressive composition. These gels are very gentle.
— WELEDA always love and gentleness against the skin, for efficiency and for an unobtrusive non-standard flavors. These miniatures men’s gel, which I love it very citrus-rosemary scent.
-JO MALONE always wonderful. This fragrance is red currant, and English oak is a beautiful cold woody fragrance. Would gels brand is always, if not price, which is high detergent, in my purse, of course.

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A little more funds for the body:

soap with the scent of white musk ACCA KAPPA is my favorite brand for winter. Typical smell of white musk, such as we know it in Montal, but more elegant. Just love. The soap is long lasting, does not limp in the soap dish under any circumstances, fills the bathroom a lovely aroma.

— L’OCCITANE milk for the calves and almond perfect for dry skin, but the smell of obsession for me.

— EOS hand lotion and body caused mixed impressions. Soaked longer than my usual means, left white soapstone plaque, if the dress before six minutes after application. However, the result is a great skin condition of the body in terms of Central heating and frosty winter.

Products for face:

— Cleansing foam BIODERMA SENSIBIO. Foam is good, can’t highlight anything special to cope with its functions, the skin does not dry. Very wasteful dispenser issuing the right to a double portion of the product. Ended faster cream.

— Thermal spring water AVENE — vodkacola… small bottle is convenient, but they leak after spraying.

— swipe to remove makeup SEFORA cause a tingling sensation, as if slightly irritating, but visually there is no redness, no irritation. love their flavors — always with a hint of freshness.

Creams for face:

— KORRES eye cream with rosehip. Nothing super great with my wrinkles under the eyes this cream does not. Care a three. He’s friends with a concealer and does not develop dryness. But the SPF 15 makes it indispensable to me. As solar filter works reliably.

— LEMONGRASS HOUSE is a Thai manufacturer, my favourite among South Asian care. This cream White Orchid is a cream for Mature skin, and it’s beautiful. Something this manufacturer for the face as a base cream is always there. They do not use mineral oil, synthetic preservatives, mostly very friendly to any skin. I’m not adept organic cosmetics, rather the opposite. But this brand is very loved for the wonderful body butter, scrubs and creams for the face with White Orchid, Cornflower and Chamomile.

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— the rest of the bunch of probes — krumkaker. Conventional pharmaceutical stable straightforward level moisture. Used them on a few pieces, barely holding back the desire to smear all on the leg hands…

CAUDALIE night oil detox for face caused the feeling of being just a little bit, and start irritation. This did not happen, but in the morning the skin was greasy as a pancake. Enough vials for a week.

Lipstick Chanel… My joy and my pain. First lipstick Chanel, the first full-ended lipstick, the first shock)) back In 2000 I first bought it and was amazed at the fact that lipstick can be the color of your lips and makeup can be invisible. I fulfilled the old dream of makeup without makeup. The color, the texture, the finish — everything was perfect. After five or six years I bought it again in Russia in the amount of three pieces. Now this shade shot, the texture is also changed, became more creamy (this instance cream-gel). It ended the second tube. There is one, you understand, that expired, but I plan to use it((

And this is the sad part of my story. Over miniatures of fragrances. Of fragrances a huge collection, but each ended the bottle is not happy, rather sad.
Amouage Honour — favourite formal scent of a woman transformed into a potion of dandelions in the summer. Feel like the nose is stained yellow duvanova pollen.
Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Davana — a bright, poisonous green scent of the stems and green berries. It starts davana, then the honeysuckle, with its honeyed finish. Atypical Malone, rowdy and not quite politically correct. Rather annoying, and for that love))

And now — results and plans:

Project pan — the project is ambiguous, it causes many negative emotions in some women. Someone helps to clean up the rubble cosmetics/care, someone seems monstrous violence on themselves, depriving pleasure from the use of purchased… I treat it utilitarian. Entering the draft, I had no REAL joy from using purchases. Worked only process dreams about how a long-awaited Bank will be in my hands and my life will be truly beautiful. The result — a mountain of obsolete junk and zero joy from using. Plus the constant desire to buy and buy…

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The project gave me a sense of joy from having purchase, from the selection process, from freedom from material pseudo-happiness. And, a year later, full participation, I will gladly continue to move in the direction of reducing the number of cosmetic units.

My new goal is to reduce the number of running makeup to me allowable maximum, namely, the presence of one of the means of each category for the season. Announcement of results used to understand that I really like that I can repeat, what brands remain favorites, stand the test of time and hard project))

So, at the moment I have a 410 cosmetic units, among them by categories:

Deodorants 7 pieces
Lip balm 22
Decorative lip gloss 16 pieces
Day cream 21 pieces
air conditioning, 3 pieces
concealer 9 pieces
lip 11 pieces
hand cream, 11 pieces
face mask 34 pieces (mother dear!!!
hair mask 5 pieces
body butter 11 pieces
face oil 3 pieces
soap 17 pieces
night cream 4 pieces
palette for the eyes 9 pieces
pigments 16 pieces
eyeliner 9 pieces
lipstick 36 pieces
primer for eyelids 5 pieces
powder 10 pieces
shower gel 10 pieces
serum for the face 13 pieces
the shadow of odnushki 14 pieces
cream 7 pieces
mascara thumbnail 11 pieces
body cream 15 jars
and 16 shimmers / highlighters…

Wrote and got scared But comforted by the fact that the year was able to enter in the normal (1-2 pieces during use) of the following categories: eye make-up remover, lotion and toner, remedies for eyebrows (ink and pencil), hair oil, shampoo, face cleansing, makeup base, blush, body scrub, Schilling and skin care around the eyes.

Thank you for mastered a long post)) happy New Year!

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