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Taking from the secluded corner of your huge bag of empty cans, accumulated in October, I remember a girl who wrote a post about banks that she collected. Then, commenting on its publication, was surprised by the number. Now realizing the volume for September and October, perhaps I can say — I would have gathered more.

First, according to tradition, the “walk” in products:

Liquid nail Polish remover away fast enough, because for three years I don’t use gel Polish. I have nothing against love lasting manicure, however, a huge number of conventional varnishes accumulated to cosmetic diet that involves their spending, and nails love — my personal meditation.

Napkins left from that glorious period when I wore gel Polish, and was used to lifting in emergency cases. Regular nail Polish is removed perfectly. To remove dark, almost black — just three pieces. Nails are not dry, although intended to relieve more aggressive… But most Bank EN Nails — digidrirovanny nails and cuticles mercilessly. Did not like.

Cleansers — my victory. In the category owl only two banks — and again I’ll be free to buy to your taste new))
So, ended the copies to:
— Army Standard, gel, manufactured by order of the commissary, came to me in a weird way, but I really liked his smell is the smell of old Le Par Kenzo, gentle and nostalgic… So here’s the army standard…
The freesia and pear, English liquid soap, was a clone of my favorite Malinovskogo fragrance — English pear and freesia))) Therefore, the large Bank would like to repeat, but can not find yet. Soft, transparent, fragrant and wildly economical.
— Dolce Milk — sweet pear thick juice, mashed potatoes, a favorite gel, for the fourth Bank. Soft and uneconomical only because of my drunken use.
— Pierre Ricaud soap from the winter collection, miniatures in the box three. Not the best way., round and small, poorly held in the palms of wet flying with the inertia when razmalyvanie. Didn’t like.

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In the category of hair ended probes and one shampoo.

Shampoo LUSH Karma solid šajbočka, decorated with dried flowers, my favorite. Perfectly helps me to travel my weary colors in blondes hair, love him, do not dry up. Always repeat it in the trip.

A whole bunch of samples of conditioners and shampoos Garnier Botanic Therapy with castor oil — is unlikely to buy a full-sized options. The series is good, but after finishing a few samples, I realized that the hair perepisany them a lot and they are flat and dull. So alternated as SOS tools after a hard Curling ( my sister is studying to do curls and mercilessly uses any available head) is just perfect matched pair.

But a modest two vial bottom TRESemmé — struck me to the heart with its scent. I guess I’d like to find a full-size, but so far my searches have not crowned success. Spring smells like a soft, cool lilac and phimosis natural Lily. Hair after a couple shiny and voluminous, not confused.

Person: Well, samples of Estee Lauder do not quite understand, maybe if you use a large amount, it would significantly change the area around the eyes. I last for almost two weeks at night and besides the word “normal” to me in a head did not come…

Serum for a radiant complexion Lancome I liked for the summer in a hot country in the form of independent means. In our band used it as a first layer under the cream. Of the benefits — moisturizes, a little bit of “awakens” the skin in the morning, leave a light swelling ( with a serious will not handle it), does not conflict with any creams or cosmetics. Of the minuses — the skin has thickened due to drying up of the upper layer and, like, it’s just a tactile sensation, but the feeling of wrongness. Had to exfoliate more often…

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Lotion Kiehl’s calendula… my personal pain and the engine to fly to Pluto… the lotion is good, the person it perceives as a saline — happy and warm family feeling. The first quarter of the bottle we can use it on a cotton pad in her hands. The Golden liquid is well distributed, refreshes and tones. Then the petals, which a ton in the bottle, begin to fall into the hands/onto a cotton pad. First, they are bundles of plug dispenser and hang the nozzle until the fluid pressure will not push, respectively, is splashed a huge amount of lotion. Secondly, the petals are beautiful only in the liquid. In reality, they Slezska and topleftone. It is not possible to pour the lotion in her hands and a wet face — will long to remove the petals, smeared on the face parts. With wool first you need to remove…

This is the most attractive option(((

Clarins two-phase spray body oil after sun — so-so thing, slippery, poorly absorbed… Atomizer works powerfully, irrigating all around. Smudge need instantly or quickly drains down, and if you immediately smear — smudged oil your hands difficult to push the dispenser. The smell irritating. Tool no.
Clarins deodorant — my love, I buy it periodically. He alcohol and can be hard for those who have delicate skin in the armpits. I love the smell.

FNUG Aqua base was purchased for holografico this brand, as they are very capricious in application. But she discovered a side effect — nails became very strong and began to grow rapidly. In fact, this database has resolved the issue of dryness of the nails after using the aforementioned means for removal of varnish.

Steam mask last and thank God. I did not come. Caused watery eyes and desire to disrupt it in the first few minutes of heating

Mask like)

Looks like this solidifies quickly. Pores fairly well cleans. Use it after the weekend (I have acid system Chanel for the weekend, respectively, Monday would be good to remove the peeling associated with skin renewal, and she copes with it)
She instantly copes with even the invisible peach fuzz. Fans of soft masks-films not suitable. Before removing the tune mentally))

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Over a long-lasting wipes — selfeducated… tired, but doing great

Threw five-year beat-blender. Specially cut him in half, having read what’s inside — hell!!! I want to confess — I’m not the tidiest person and sometimes my BB immediately, sometimes (really) I use it on the second day, only the other end. And then he can wallow in the tub waiting for bath day, as I use four different constantly. So, for five years of such a regime within it’s PERFECT.

Glitter-probes Givenchy good, especially black, blueberry. But do not buy it, because a lot of things. Of distinctive features: sticky — yeah, it feels on the lips. Not swim under any circumstances. If only drink, but do not have the vitality for six hours at least. Even the red. Comes down nice and neat

Erborian BB cream in the color Golden is the favorite product for summer and winter. In winter, diluted with Adjuster — the properties do not change

The end of the month is simple — I consume a huge amount of makeup. But always bought many times more. And it’s awful. This conclusion makes with a great desire to reconsider spending. In addition, experience has shown — so I bought the product, used it and can write quite a positive post. A positive sum of 20 percent of the properties of the product, 80 percent of short-term tactile impressions, the expectation of wonder and novelty. If writing this post today, describing the empty cans, I can confidently say that he would repeat only three or four products.

Thank you mastered

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