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Making new year’s cleaning and sorting out the stocks of their jars, “phial” and tubes, I was horrified: the number of care exceeded my own limits, and there are several tools shelf life which here-here will come to an end, but the jar in the care system are not in demand. Therefore, in the new, 2019, the year I took the decision to return to a reasonable consumption, to end the old money and be more careful from now on to selecting and purchasing new cosmetics. If now I have in daily use from three to six pieces of the same name, in the future I want to reduce that number to one or two. Well, this is something that concerns care. For decorative cosmetics such tight restrictions do not, but, frankly speaking, makeup so I often don’t buy.

I liked the idea of Project Pan, so I decided to put it in the form of regular posts about the empty jars. Contrary to my expectations, for December ended not much care. Still, I often pay attention to the improvement of the comfort of his life, so to speak, and cleaning of personal space, so the empty tubes were added a few personal items — it’s time to “retire” for certain reasons, which, of course, explain in more detail. Some packages have not been preserved, so I made a collage. I hope you me for it forgive. Next time I will try to collect all the jars together in one photo.

Dove soap white beauty bar

Someone will say, “EW, soap”, “fu, ordinary Dove”, “why is it here?”, but it’s important to me. The fact that I have long suffered from permanent dehydration of the skin and allergies. So I stopped buying shower gels and switched to regular soap. Besides, soap is easier to store and transport, and it takes up less space. Classic Dove soap buy is not the first time, because it is perfect for cleansing body and hand wash. Smells good, cleans the skin and doesn’t dry it out. What is especially appreciated — this soap is comfortable to the skin pH of 5.5. Plenty of having trouble with irritation and allergic skin, I now always pay attention to pH cleansers. It helped me to significantly improve the skin condition and avoid many health problems.

Travel kit-Dry, Moisture 10 shampoo+conditioner

A very handy set of miniature bottle 50 ml for those who fly often on business trips. Set not buy the first time, I really like the series for dry hair Moisture 10. Generally a great shampoo perfectly washes hair and dries the scalp. Once I even used a huge bucket of 500 ml because I liked the effect of the shampoo. In a series of 10 nice Moisture, fresh scent, and tools well-suited to my dry hair and sensitive scalps. Air conditioning is not perfect, but it is much easier to comb, untangles and smoothes the hair making it very soft.

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Hair mask Ahalo Butter, Endless Beauty Moist & Fresh Collagen Damage Repair & Butter Milk Hair Mask

One of the best moisturizing and nourishing masks for hair that I have ever had.
Mask without silicone, but with a very ‘rich’ composition: complex of plant extracts (Apple, lemon, rose, Jasmine, Lily of the valley, cinnamon, amber, peach, mint, parsley, nettle, rosemary, green tea, Perilla, cherry leaves, tannin of persimmon, witch hazel, elder flowers, and more), moisturizers (hyaluronic acid, silk, collagen, amino proteins, hydropeptide and three species of ceramides), mitigating hydrolipide and natural oils (coconut, cocoa, olive, avocado, jojoba, argan, macadamia, rosehip, sunflower, and mango.).

The texture of the mask is very different from the usual creamy, which is typical of masks of salon brands. It is a light emulsion that spreads easily over the hair, turning into a silky milk, and a fully absorbed by the hair.

Divinely smelling garden flowers, honey and melted milk.

Moisturizing hair from this mask — at the highest level. It makes the hair very soft and manageable. Good job giving the hair smoothness, improves their appearance, making them denser. The hair is very supple and elastic. After applying the mask hair does not look glossy, a small negligence in how the hair is “lie”, there is, but I like the natural result. Adds a special volume at the roots, but does not weigh down the hair, they stay light and airy for a few days. To give hair a even greater effect, smoothness and Shine, — after the mask, always use a special leave-in oil.

Wood comb Avon

This scallop for almost 10 years — a clear indication, as once the quality of things done “for centuries”. It was given as a gift for ordering a hair mask from the Planet SPA olive oil (the mask is cool, by the way, my mother still ordered it). All this time I gladly used it. He quickly combed and untangled the wet well and shot down my hair after a shower. Was my favorite comb for so many years without it anywhere did not go. Now change to the other comb made of plastic, because the wood cracked with age and cracked from water. Between the teeth of the comb formed microcracks, which fall and get stuck the hair when combing. This is bad because now the comb rips hair hurt catches them and scour the Horny layer of hair, which may start a section of hair. We, the girls, importance and beauty of our hair, so I think that even a comb should be chosen with great care — this is just one of the little things, which together determine the comfort of our lives.

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Toothbrushes Systema Lion and Muji

Bought them to replace previous toothbrush and both did not come to me. Used each a couple of times, I realized that I was not comfortable they brush their teeth and decided to throw it away.

Systema Lion — my favorite brush with ultra-soft and super-thin bristles. I buy this model for many years. “Tufts” of bristles arranged in four rows, the brush is quite densely Packed. The blade is not very wide: when brushing your teeth it is convenient at every turn, she does not knock in the teeth. For me this brush, which guarantees fast, effective and comfortable brushing. Anyway, that was before, because the new purchase became a nightmare for my sensitive gums. The bristles were too hard and prickly. I just all gums bleed torn, and they were hurt till night (the mood is ruined for the whole day). Don’t know what happened. Maybe the manufacturer has changed the quality of materials and bristle, or I bought a fake (bought in another, also the company store, but usually buy toothbrushes in drogerie Watsons). Now I have to use toothbrush other brand, also Japanese-made (I prefer Japanese tooth brushes because their bristles are finer and softer), and I decided to throw it away, because to use it is unbearable.

Toothbrush Muji really liked in the store by its appearance. Handle of blue transparent polymer fits comfortably in the hand. This brush compared to a manual toothbrush, very tiny working surface. I was hoping to brush your teeth this will be very convenient and you can crawl into all the hard to reach places between teeth, the far corners of the mouth and easy to remove plaque from the back side of teeth. But in the end the brush was awkward and unpleasant to use. Largely because of the size of the brush, brushing your teeth takes more time. Much more, because all areas have to be worked out more thoroughly and several times, and the result, as from a conventional brush with a standard size work surface. The bristles are soft, do not scratch the gums, but when you clean teeth, brush nasty scratches on the teeth. Perhaps because located “tufts” of bristles loosely, only three rows, and the brush itself is very narrow shape. When I turn the brush in your mouth and you push on it when brushing your teeth, you have the impression that a little bit more and plastic working surface of the brush will start to knock in the teeth. The undeniable advantage of the brush — it really cleans the spaces between the teeth.

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Brow gel Benefit Gimme Brow+ Brow-Volumizing Fiber Gel #1

This gel has completely changed my vision of the eyebrows. Eyebrows I have very light, not very dense, hairs thin — is tweeze any stray hairs and eyebrows seem to be “bald”. Usually, to make them adequate, pencil or tinted gel. Unlike Russia, China toning gel for eyebrows began to sell relatively recently (affected Western fashion). The choice is not so great, the shades are more suitable for brunettes. I have two other brow gel (Shu Uemura Eyebrow Manicure and Marie Dalgar Duo Brow Sculpter & Tint), but the Benefit turned out to be the best.

He has a super-comfortable for me, brush-baby, which gently and clearly separates each hair and does not stain the skin around your eyebrows. The composition is fiber, which gives such a welcome for my rare eyebrows volume. The perfect natural shade for blonde girls which helps to achieve the effect of natural, beautifully designed eyebrow. Not to say that the gel is strong-fixative (for me, the commit option is generally not the most important), but definitely very resistant. I wore it in the heat of +40, and until late eyebrow remained in place, the gel did not flow and not smeared. Just love it and definitely buy again.

Burberry Cat Lashes Mascara #02 Chestnut Brown
This mascara is number one for the title of “Fail of the year” and the applicant for participation in my personal cosmetic shit parade. Mirror heavy tube very quickly got scratched and chipped and began to look shabby and dinged up. Silicone brush resembles a torture device. It is huge, sharp, large, spiky and sticking out all hard bristles. Dyeing eyelashes this brush is inconvenient and unpleasant. Brush painful hurt, scratch, injure the eyelids and stain the skin, leaving a stain.

Mascara’s terrible eyelash glue and unevenly applied ugly lumps. Lashes are obtained haphazardly dyed, glued into dry ugly protruding “sticks”, which stuck in lumps and clumps of mascara. No flaking, and not printed on the eyelids, but who cares if the ink is unpleasant to apply, and on the lashes, it looks ugly. It dried very quickly, although I used it less than ten times. In terms of effect on the lashes is nothing special. Only a little curls and lengthens lashes. Quite stable, does not crumble, it is resistant to rain and snow. Buy strongly not recommended.

That’s what little than wanted to share with you today. I hope that was helpful.

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