Empty jars No. 4: GlamGlow,: Rich, Derma E, SNP

Good morning, dear readers, Cosmeticly. This post is another series of accumulated empty jars over the last couple of months. I’ll be brief and as informative as possible, so as a final opinion I have already formed. Go!

1. GlamGlow Supermud Mask

The product

Mask — love! The most effective mask I’ve tried. An effective team = visible results. Mask perfectly cleanses the pores, reduces closed comedones which is quite difficult to get rid of. At constant (!) use lightens dark spots, evens out skin texture. I have this mask saved, and used about once every 2 weeks or after travel/flights to get a good clear skin and I’m 15 ml, enough for 9 months 😱 Inflicted not on the face, but only on problem areas, T-zone, for 7-10 minutes until firm, then be sure to moisturizer, otherwise it will be dry. And the next day applied SPF, since the composition is acid. I think that you have to buy it again, despite the high cost because a single mask so it does not work effectively 😿

P. S. At the time of writing this post the tin is already empty 🙂

Price: 1200 rubles per 15 ml

Rating: 5

Testing period: 9 months

2. Derma E Anti-Wrinkle Toner

Great exfoliating toner with glycolic acid, and gentle on the skin. Evens skin tone, refreshes and exfoliates, gives a healthy glow. Helps to lighten post-acne, but not immediately, gradually. No negative effects are not noticed, does not cause pimples, but also positively on the already existing is not valid. In vitamin a, glycolic acid and papaya, as well as panthenol and other extracts. This product is well suited for young skin, and age. I used it 1 time per day in the evening, in the morning SPF was applied. Tonic after application, leaves no stickiness and dries the skin. I think this is a great alternative tonic Pixi Glow Tonic 👍

Price: 700 rubles per 175 ml

Rating: 5

Testing period: approximately 6 months

3. SNP Bird’s Nest Aqua Eye Patch

Patches with extract of bird’s nest I liked 😂 That just will not come up with these Koreans! However, the result on face for eyes. Patches perfectly moisturize the under eye area, clean peeling (if any), clarified the blueness, have striking smoothing effect, especially noticeable on aged skin. If you store patches in the refrigerator, will further lifting effect. I used these patches along with my mom, and me and her liked them. And my mother often forgets to do a variety of masks and other treatments for the face, but that’s about the patches she never forgets!) I make them usually 1-2 times a week in the morning, keep it for about half an hour. Makeup goes on then great. But as for me, these patches, any patches Petitfee is not particularly different in effect, all work pretty well. Differ only in color, these pale blue with sequins ✨

Already dried up the patch just for clarity

Price: 800 RUB

Rating: 5

Testing period: 3 months

4. : Rich and Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

A good workhorse for normal/combination/oily skin. Perfectly cleanses skin of impurities, does not cause irritation. But the skin prone to dryness may be a little pull after use, so for dry skin I do not recommend. Perfect if you have problematic skin and prone to inflammation, as is tea tree oil that fights the imperfections. Although, I admit, I’m pure tea tree oil does not work 😕 This cleansing gel is good because it has a low ph, therefore, does not violate the natural barrier of the skin. The product is slightly foaming, however, the flow of money is small. The gel is sufficiently liquid, transparent and smells just the same, tea tree, fortunately, not very much 😅 I liked to use it in the morning for washing and in the evening after hydrophilic balm, by the way, with a very light makeup this gel too right. In General, the tool is good, but not for all skin types.

Price: 800 rubles for 150 ml

Rating: 5-

Testing period: 6 months

So that was all the products I have finished over the last couple of months and I forgot to save 😅 As you can see, almost all of them I liked, and come experience a quality selection of products, presumably,) And I have a question for you: are you interested in this hair care products like shampoo/conditioner or is it more like consumables, and to write about it not worth it? I hope that was helpful,

Your Vic 😘 And, of course, a Happy New Year! 🎄 ✨

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