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Hi all.
I don’t have a lot of makeup, so every month, something ends. Empty jar for me — something like a symbol that the tool was as useful as possible. In this post I have gathered my favorite and the cool products, some of which I continue to buy until now.

Cliv Max Hyaluronic Formula Ampoule
Hydrating serum Korean cosmeceutical brand Cliv for dehydrated, sensitive and tired skin.

Funny pot-bellied glass bottle with a very handy pipette. Pipette long enough that allows you to get the remnants of the serum from the bottom of the jar.

Texture similar to a gel or gelatinous transparent jelly, in the thick of which floats a huge number of small bubbles. Heat from the skin the serum becomes more liquid, like watery jelly.

Serum does not contain alcohol, dyes and mineral oils. Its formula enriched with the lion’s share of hyaluronic acid (80% of total weight), Niacinamide (in fourth place), and polysaccharides to balance the moisture of the skin, adenosine, rose water and a range of specially selected herbs and plants.

The serum is absorbed instantly, leaving no trace of stickiness. For a long time and moisturizes the skin. She saved me from seasonal dehydration of the skin. Reduces the sensitivity, eliminates itching, softens and soothes the skin, reduces redness. After her complexion is very fresh, with the effect of “after the holidays”. I loved to apply it during the day under makeup and in the evening to speed healing and reduce the appearance of acne. By the way, the amount of inflammation and acne, for the period of using the serum I have has significantly decreased. She easily goes with any cosmetics (except for those that contain components that conflict with Niacinamide) and is suitable for any skin type. Especially good for oily and problem skin as a lightweight summer moisturizer that does not clog pores.

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Kose Cosme Decorte, Moisture Liposome Hydration Boosting Serum
Another super-serum, which has become my personal hit. I recommend her to everyone and will continue to buy up gray hair.

I pictured a small bottle of 15 ml, because I was sailabala money (whey is very expensive, but justifies its cost to the penny), but I usually buy a larger volume, which is enough for a couple of months.

The serum is universal: suitable for morning and evening, and will complement the care system for any skin type.

Vials of 40 ml and 60 ml, made of glass and metal, the miniature has the plastic packaging.

Super-comfortable texture, resembling a liquid suspension, absorbs quickly without leaving a feeling of heaviness (or something foreign on the skin), oiliness, stickiness. Special components for fast and effective hydration and restore the skin (hyaluronic acid, lecithin, tocopherol, cholesterol and complex plant extracts) are enclosed in the most easily digestible skin shell — liposome. Does not clog pores, brightens the complexion, this serum can even be applied to the eye area. There are no silicones, alcohol, colorants. This is a super cool tool to accelerate the healing and regeneration of skin which combat dryness and dehydration. The effect is noticeable after the first application: skin is softer, more elastic, uniform and fresh tone. Signs of tired and irritated skin (itching, burning, peeling, redness) are not only taking place, but the feeling of inexpressible comfort is stably maintained. From any, even the most sad condition, the skin becomes normal, i.e. like this, and what should be healthy and clean skin. I try a lot of different serums, but in your class the best, and it has no analogues.

Menard, Beauness SPA essence
Therapeutic lotion on the basis of thermal water for oily, combination and problem skin.

Liquid, such as water, and fresh smells of iodine and the sea.
Stuffed with the most effective components that are often used in Japanese cosmetics to treat oily skin: water, mineral springs, zinc and alum (natural matting agents), hyaluronic acid, sea salt (a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient), coconut water, extracts of Salicornia European and marine eelgrass, juice Kuril bamboo, glycyrrhizate licorice (antibacterial, soothing), Biotin.

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The best properties of the lotion, which I appreciated, is matting and reducing fat, brightening and toning, reducing itching and redness and fight acne. This is the first and basic tool that I generously apply to the skin, if you want to reduce the signs of irritation and dry acne. Summer is simply irreplaceable thing, and in the winter it is necessary to use with caution: composition in the second place, the alcohol, and if the skin is prone to dehydration, the lotion may increase skin dryness.

Hydrogen peroxide 3% from the pharmacy
I just recently prochukhan, how good it budget for the treatment of oily skin and acne. Unlike alcoholic tonics won’t sting or irritate the skin, it would be worth it to effectively cope with any infection of the face and sold on every corner. Generously soak a cotton pad and wipe face in the morning. A couple of days significantly improves skin condition by reducing the amount of acne almost by half.

YSL blush, Powder Blush Heart of Light
My best investment in makeup over the last few years, better only Japanese Cle de Peau. These YSL blush with a silky texture and a semi-Matt satin finish of well-shaded, easy layered, very long-lasting on oily skin, but the shade was so versatile and so naturally looked at the person that approached me for any makeup. A number of shade, unfortunately, was erased from the packaging. Now these blushers removed from sale and update, so people should hurry up and buy discounts.

The shadows Tony Moly, matte Eyetone #M05
I loved this shade. It is very well balanced and perfectly suited not only to highlight the folds. but for full makeup. This is a typical range of Korean cosmetics warm-cool tone color beans adzuki. In this quirky, but very harmoniously brown, red and gray nuances. Now these shades in the professional makeup of the mass, but all of these manufacturers (Lime Crime, Huda Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury, Urban Decay, Tarte, Too Faced) once happily licked it with the Korean palette.

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Very soft shadows with a satin finish (not matte tight) that can be easily typed on a brush, not dust and do not crumble, easy to dry lips, and intertwine. On the basis of shade it turns brighter and eye shadow stay all day without slipping. For the beginner is a godsend. My skills in makeup is not very good, so now I often buy this shade from other manufacturers.

Shadow MAC #Vex Frost
It was my favorite shade. Packing photos for the second, which ended. Now, I would not have bought it, because changed tastes in makeup. But, who really want the famous liquid eye shadow Giorgio Armani Eye Tint #8 Flannel, but it is a pity money — grab this one WT. It’s smoky-cool pink-gray duochrome with a very nice glowing finish. Pigmentation and durability, like all shadows MAC — on top.
Swatch shades makeup:

1. YSL blush — universal shade for every day
2. Shadow MAS — very difficult to photograph because the shade is constantly changing due to lighting
3. The shadows Tony Moly are almost invisible on the skin because the shade is very natural, one of those that makes the skin tone fresh and beautiful, hiding and masking wreaths and redness.

I hope that was helpful. I’d be happy positive communication in the comments.

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