Enhanced recovery complex for the skin around the eyes, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye

In today’s post I’d like to tell you about the new product that has recently been released from the company Estee Lauder. Welcome!

I have been using the means of Estee Lauder, but, as it turned out, I did not know much about the research that lead scientists for the brand. And they, incidentally, excelled in the study of circadian rhythms and their role in the process of night regeneration of the skin. It was found that exposure to blue light at night disrupts the circadian biorhythm of the skin cells and accelerates the signs of aging. Studies have confirmed that blue light disrupts the recovery process of skin cells at night. Blue expense is not only light but also the screens of phones, TVs and other gadgets. Who among us does not sin using your phone before bed? Based on this, in the company Estee Lauder has developed a cream specifically for the eye area, the state of which the first tells about premature aging, fatigue or possible stress. Improving the condition of the skin under the eyes, you can visually “lose” a few years, I just know it. The new product promises to make us eighteen, but to refresh and give a healthy look cream needs. By the way, I really liked advertising visaul run this tool presents a beautiful girl with a well toned skin, but it is noticeable that she has not 18. It’s nice that we don’t broadcast everywhere young (airbrushed) face of the perfect women. But what we see in the picture — quite something really to look forward to when you’re 40 years old. Well enough lyrics, talk about the novelty. I will not analyze in detail the composition, attaching a photo. The manufacturer claims the exclusive patented complex, aimed at renewal of the skin.

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Packaging as usual very high quality, it can be seen in the photo. A volume of 15 ml standard. Consumption is tiny. Texture gel medium density, light but nutritious. I think the texture will appreciate and lovers of easy money and tight. After applying the cream skin texture is smoothed immediately, and during the period of use, the skin feels great. The cream is not greasy, absorbs instantly, but quickly. Suitable for any time of year and any skin type. I liked its versatility — it can be safely buy as a gift, it will suit everyone. The jar tool has a slight orange tint, in fact the cream is almost transparent. The flavor is present but subtle — I will describe it as herbal. To use the cream is needed morning and evening. In the evening I missed the ritual, and in the morning when used as.

In fact, the product is designed of almost anything — to restore, refresh, moisturizing, protection against the radicals. I think the effect everyone will notice your depending on the condition of the skin. At the time of using the cream I have had small wrinkles (I either lucky or worked well the previous care — new wrinkles did not increase for 5 years), but the skin is always dull, dry, and the area under the eyes swells constantly. This cream did not affect my wrinkles (but I guess I just have reached its ideal state at the time), but the swelling and darkness of the cream removed. I did not take pictures specifically for this post, but if you look at my previous post, you will notice that the area under the eyes lightened, and even fell a little (although I did not lose weight — on the contrary, the photo translucent concealer and powder). Here are my impressions may be, of course, this is not a radical metamorphosis, but I notice even the slightest changes in the mirror, and if it is the merit of the cream rather than plastic, believe it is fine. In General, I can summarize like this: my under eye area tightened and freshened.

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Conclusion: I can recommend this cream, it I ideal for daily care. Price, in principle, available for this category of funds. Only positive impressions.

Term of use: more than a month

Rating: 5+

Price: a little more than 4000R.

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