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Research firm GlobalData States that environmentally friendly packaging can be the factor that will attract more men to the male’s skin cosmetics.

GlobalData analysts say that currently there is a market opportunity for brands that can offer environmentally safe products combined with high performance. “This niche exists for many categories of interest to consumers, including mens care cosmetics. The attractiveness for buyers to acquire environmentally friendly product only a little more than normal – say the analysts of the firm. – Only in 2016, according to research by GlobalData, primary consumers, 35% of consumers worldwide agree that they want to buy premium products if they are environmentally safe.”

Jamie mills, senior marketing analyst at GlobalData, explains how this trend relates to the care of men. “For brands operating in the category of men’s cosmetics in a broader segment of personal care products, it creates new problems as the war with disposable plastic packaging continues. While much attention of the media was focused on the environmental impact of food packaging and beverage packaging personal care products are faced with similar problems,” she says.

The pressure on these brands demonstrated their proactivity and awareness to its product ranges and provides innovation to ensure a more responsible environmentally friendly solutions. On the other hand, this also creates an opportunity for brands to use the advantages created by the media in terms of the dangers of plastic packaging. This, in turn, will contribute innovative suggestions that can solve this problem.

Again, the analyst confirms that brands that can satisfy the dual demand for environmental responsibility and high quality products, will win in this area. It is worth mentioning that the company GlobalData also presented their vision of the future market of hair care.

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