Error in make-up that girls make every day

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Beautiful makeup not only depends on the means used and their cost, but also on the correct equipment. To your appearance was flawless, note the common mistakes.

Improper use bronzer and blush.

In summer, many girls want to sunbathe and applied bronzer to the apples of the cheek where blush should be. And this is fundamentally wrong. Blush should be pale pink or peach. It is particularly important to shade them through the dense brush. But bronzer is applied to the tip of the nose, chin, base of forehead and under cheekbones.

The applying mascara in several layers.

To achieve maximum volume and length of eyelashes, some girls applied the mascara layers. And the result is a velvety lashes. It is best to apply the gel from the roots of eyelashes by zigzag movements – this must be the first layer. During application of the second layer twisted brush, lifting the lashes. This is quite enough.

To apply powder before your makeup.

It is important to remember this simple rule – powder is the final stage of makeup, but not the initial.

Using a dry sponge “beauty Blender”.

Many girls use this wonderful tool for applying Foundation. But this gadget can only be used for wet application.

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