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What we’re all about Korea, but about Korea? I can about Japan?

Post me this was not easy, because the information about Japanese brand ES301 on the Internet exactly zero, and the Japanese I haven’t learned. It’s hard to write when you do not can see part of the description, I can’t read on the website of the manufacturer. You probably guessed where I purchased this cream with such knowledge of Japanese, so I apologize that I will not write anything new for you, I will try to describe the experience. For those who do not know where this cream is purchased, my copywriter I hope will be interesting and informative.

Let’s start. I’m skeptical of the popular belief that there, like in Korea, Japan, the grass is greener and the ingredients better. I think here there is some mystery — the inability to read the composition and description, for example. We are attracted by mystery. But I do not in any case do not deny that running trains cheaper than the Koreans, the Japanese, than the old European Suite, on the other hand, they have long been breathing in the back of the European indie brands and some on the heels.

Before you cream professional Japanese brand ES301. Brand exists only in the domestic market of Japan, even more than that — it relates to professional cosmeceuticals, which are the basis of placental extract, horse and growth factors. The brand itself produces the ingredients for its products and distributes it’s beauty. In this case, all they have zero marketing, packaging as you can see without embellishment. My first thought when this jar is made of plastic came to me, was that this is not the cream that I ordered. I turned her in my arms from different angles and never saw the inscription ES301, and indeed the packaging as a Hello from the 80-ies, very modest, even the box was not. I was upset. Got on the site — and he was not right, it’s my cream, the latest scientific development, the placenta of the horse and growth factors, fellure. .

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here is something written..

Comrade very photogenic. The cream-gel is in a plastic jar. At first glance, the cream is slightly pink, but the skin is completely white. The color pink purchased due to the presence of cyanocobalamin — vitamin B12, maybe good ingredient, but I don’t believe it. I drink B vitamins so years already 10 at the doctor (health Shalit), and nothing in the condition of my skin has changed, and drinking inside still not RUB. Texture — gel, pleasant. Easily absorbed, not sticky. The cream consistency is very light. Under the makeup behaves with dignity. I specifically chose the cream instead of the Raise, which is very dense and is hardly suitable for Combi skin. Texture cream-gel suitable for all skin types, and it is possible to use heat without worrying that everything will slide together with the cream.

Composition. There will have you believe the sales.

EGF, Arujirerin-Ripijua extract of the bark of the French pine, ceramides, bio-active collagen, hyaluronic acid, placenta extract, vitamin C, Vitamin B12, ubiquinone, soybean extract.

The placenta of the horse has a powerful rejuvenating effect. Wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is tightened. Time starts to go backwards.

Arujirerin Component to combat wrinkles

EGF — epidermal growth factor — thermostable protein. Protein EGF stimulates skin regeneration, accelerates cell division and due to these properties, is actively used in medicine as an effective and safe remedy for healing wounds, skin regeneration after surgery and deep peels.

Fullerene — a molecule with a unique mechanism of cleansing the skin cells from free radicals.Fullerene even in micro-doses frees the skin from free radicals. Fullerene is a special form of carbon. Superior vitamin C to 125 times. Thus, unlike other antioxidants, fullerene did not change its antioxidant properties remain long and intact.

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Ubiquinone is an active form of coenzyme Q10

The extract of the bark of French pine trees — source of Pycnogenol.

I noticed that Pycnogenol is now very popular as an ingredient. On the green website has a serum with Pycnogenol at a reasonable price. The main feature of Pycnogenol is that it is a powerful antioxidant that actively suppresses free radicals, combats premature aging process of cells, in addition, strengthens the capillaries.

Swatch on light.

My detailed review:

Use the cream every day for the second month. The main question which arises is of course, where’s the youth?! The cream nourishes and moisturizes the skin, after application the skin is soft, pleasant to the touch. The manufacturer promises that the cream eliminates wrinkles, smoothes the wrinkled crows feet around the eyes and in the corners of the lips, nourishes, moisturizes, reduces inflammation, restores skin elasticity and gives the face a healthy color and glow. I’m only 34, have no wrinkles, but there appears room between the eyebrows, then I start to intensively moisturize the skin and it kind of leaves. With this cream it didn’t appear at all. Knowing the potential of the cream to the ES301 I apply it under the eyes and around the eyes, the skin is moisturized and that’s enough for me. Does inflammation? Didn’t notice him this. The turgor was not affected.

In General, the cream is good, but not iron and the youth has not returned, so I put 4. I’m happy with the purchase, it is possible to relax a little and not to do, masks, mask, moisturize, mask… At our age, moisturized skin is just not given.

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Price: 65 Euro per 33 grams (as a chemist)

Rating: 4

Period of use: 2 months

Thank you for your attention! Whether you buy Japanese cosmetics? Tried anything from ES301?

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